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Friday, June 29, 2007

TV3 take note ... 

Only cowards with no shred of journalistic integrity lead with Paris Hilton. Frankly, your news editors are fuckwits.

On a cheerier note: some predictions for Round 14.

Knights v Rabbitohs - oh fuck me. Umm, the Rabbits.

Titans v Warriors - without Price, the Warriors look lame. Titans in a close one.

Panthers v Broncos - the Panthers should win given the Origin effect on Brisbane. But I don't think they will. Go Broncos!!!

Raiders v Tigers - could be close. Raiders.

Dragons v Eagles - Eagles.

Dogs v Roosters - Who normally wins when canids take on fowl? Canids of course. Dogs.

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Knights v Rabbitohs - Knights

Titans v Warriors - Warriors

Panthers v Broncos - Broncos

Raiders v Tigers - raiders

Dragons v Eagles - Sea Eagles

Dogs v Roosters - Bulldogs
Knights v Rabbitohs - Hunter Valley Mariners

Titans v Warriors - Surfers Vegas

Panthers v Broncos - Broncos by a mile

Raiders v Tigers - World's dullest "city"

Dragons v Eagles - North Sydney show-ponies

Dogs v Roosters - Rapists

Shit this NRL tipping lark is easy; even when the Mighty Storm have a bye.

BTW, nice anti Paris vid.

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