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Thursday, June 28, 2007


Honestly, has Jim Anderton encountered anything he doesn't want to ban? While I have no opinion on the meirts of party pills, one way or the other, I do respect the right of others to choose what to put into their bodies.

They are responsible for any subsequent actions which adversely effect the rights of others (beyond "being a mild nuisance"), but this is true whether they take party pills, aspirin, sudafen, heineken, oxygen, or whateverin. But it is no business of the state to decide what people ingest or smoke, etc., in the first instance.

I am willing to concede there might be a drug that has the almost universal effect of engendering extremely antisocial behaviour, and might reasonably be prohibited on those grounds. But my hunch is that the "cure" of prohibition would still be worse than the initial problem. And in any case party pills sure don't fit the bill of universal menace.

Honestly, this shit just gives the state one more reason to take away your liberties and incarcerate you for doing what you want to your own body.

So, yet again, we tell Mr Anderton (and his prohibitionist ilk - I'm looking at you Peter Dunne) to fuck off and leave us alone.

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While I will always have sympathy for Jim A regarding what happened to his daughter (every parent's nightmare) the subsequent crusades have always seemed a bit fishy.

Leg Break
try sitting through one of his press conferences.

Once Party Pills are banned they'll be even harder to take
As you know, I'm not a big supporter of drug use, but... fuck it. Enough is enough. I think they ought to establish controls to keep the kiddies safe, educate on correct use, and let the cards fall where they may.

This banning shit - along with figuring out ways to take/keep our money and increase theirs - is bollocks.

Thieves and meddlers, one and all. Fuck them. Fuck them and anyone who looks like them. Fuck them and the horse they road in on.

Polar Bob
Rode. Jeez, my standards are so slipping.

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