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Monday, June 18, 2007

Good grief 

The standard of TV news in New Zealand is truly plumbing new depths. Last night I had the misfortune to be flicking between TV1 and TV3 coverage (actually, misfortune is an exaggeration - it was actually amusing in a "train wreck" kind of way). Not that there's anything amusing about literal train wrecks of course.

TV3's lead: the daughter ("adopted daughter", sorry) of a former broadcaster, who appeared once or twice as a "model" on a gameshow of ill-repute has been arrested on drugs charges. Public interest value: approximately nil.

That led me to TV1 pretty quickly....

Other stories I saw during the night:

- An All Black talking about taking a crap before the game (honest!)

- A load of shit about a yacht race that is a week away

- An astrologist trying to "predict" outcome of said yacht race. Flip a coin, randominanity style, and you'd be better off.

- 30 seconds coverage of the Warriors win on both channels, with about 15 seconds in each case focussed on Patrick Ah Van dropping the ball.

- A 5 minute advertorial for the rugby world cup at the end of the TV3 news, flogging apartments in Paris and Eurodrive Peugeots.

Update: Day Two of the Millie Holmes Saga

Both TV1 and TV3 led with Millicent last night. And this morning's DomPost reports breathlessly that her hair was "tousled" and she wasn't wearing makeup (the hussy!). I just don't get it ... it's even more pathetic than the "celebrity drugs scandal" the media ran with for months.

Millie isn't a celebrity. Not even an d-grade celebrity like Brent Todd. Rather, she's the daughter of a semi-retired f-grade celebrity. Again, drink-addled journalists' faux-shock over people using (and presumably enjoying) drugs is on display too. (No offence Random).

Meanwhile, even TV3 reporters think their world cup advertorial was crap.

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well you're just going to hate the news tonight. Guess what One News led with??

I missed it, but I presume it was either dancing on the grave of Paul Holmes's career or putting the boot into Butterworth / Coutts / Berterelli (?sp) / Dennis Conner etc..

"make mine a large one - cheers"
Mate, I so agree with you, which is why i wouldn't even spend 1 second blogging about it.
Rob, you just spent 30 seconds COMMENTING on it!!!

You've got a bloody good blogsite by the way. Keet it up.

Right, I'm off to buy a heater. The arctic nights have got to me. Even the winter duvet couldn't keep me warm last night!

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