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Friday, June 22, 2007

Someone show Darth the door 

How often can Darth George be allowed to write the same "country going to hell in handbasket" story? Honestly, he shovels out this reactionary shit at least once every six weeks. You get the sense things were so much better back in Holyoake's days ... men were men, hospital waiting rooms were empty, and you could drink, drive and speed with impunity.

This stock story from Darth alternates with his other favourite, a good cut'n'paste from the Bible, concluding with some banal statement to the effect that politicians should take note. It's easy to imitate.

Honestly, can't someone just show him the door, and send him packing to whichever provincial outpost he promised to go to? I nominate Oamaru ... cold, boring, white. Little changed since Holyoake was PM.

Also in today's news ... arrival of standard winter weather prompts media firestorm. Snow in the South Island, who'd have thunk it? These hacks can smell an easy story from 1000km away in a nice, warm, comfortable Auckland newsroom.



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