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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

State against State, and Round 14 

I missed last week's tipping, and the subsequent fallout, due to being in Australia and not wanting to spend a fortune in an internet cafe.

Since I'm away again for the second half of this week (though, unfortunately, no where as exotic as Australia), I'd better get my tips in early.

First, tonight is State of Origin II. Queensland are the better team, but I can't see NSW being beaten at home. Plus, there's a danger of the Maroons believing their own hype. See the latest from Trevor "the axe" Gillmeister by way of illustration.

NSW 25 - QLD 10 (and it pains me to write this).

Second, it's round 14 people!

Bulldogs v Broncos - how much do I hate the bulldogs? Sure they're at home, and sure, Brisbane will be suffering with more players backing up from State of Origin, but there's no way in hell I will pick the dogs in this match-up. Brisbane by 1-12.

Sea Eagles v Rabbitohs - Sea Eagles by 13+.

Sharks v Warriors - Sharks. Hard to see the Warriors breaking their terrible run on the road, in Sydney, against a form side. And with Manu Vatevai.

Panthers v Roosters - Panthers.

Cowboys v Storm - What a sweet match up. Almost guaranteed to be a great game ... I don't really mind who wins. Cowboys have the home advantage, but the Storm are perhaps a slightly better team. Storm in a close one.

Eels v Dragons - Eels.

Tigers v Titans - Tigers.

Knights v Raiders - Yawn. Knights.


Firstly i must comment on Mark geyers suggestion that the Warriors be ditched from the NRL and they look at teams in South Australia and Western Australia. geyer seems to think they should stop 'helping' NZ. Ummmm Mark, a) have you looked at who plays for the Warriors and b) have you looked at the fact that there are 3-4 teams of NZ players in the NRL. Something in the region of 70 players.

So who is helping who?

Bulldogs v Broncos - Broncos

Sea Eagles v Rabbitohs - Sea Eagles

Sharks v Warriors - Sharks

Panthers v Roosters - Panthers

Cowboys v Storm - Storm

Eels v Dragons - Eels

Tigers v Titans - Tigers

Knights v Raiders - Knights
Mark Geyer was just making stupid comments in order to get a slot on Vietch's show.

Ignore them both.

BTW, much happier with your key picks this week guys.

Just to prove my picks are crappier than yours I'll give this a go.

Bulldogs v Broncos - Bulldogs

Sea Eagles v Rabbitohs - Sea Eagles

Sharks v Warriors - Sharks

Panthers v Roosters - Panthers

Cowboys v Storm - Storm

Eels v Dragons - Dragons

Tigers v Titans - Titans

Knights v Raiders - Raiders

All picks based on the flip of a coin (yes even the Warriors)

I reckon that if you simply picked the home team to win apart from extreme circumstances ie. Souths at home to Melborne then you'd get around 65% which would put you near the top of a lot of picking stakes. Haven't done me homework on that though.
Errr, better late than never I guess!

In my work comp I tipped the Bulldogs to win last night and also, predictably, the Manly Sea Eagles: so 1/2 so far.

For the rest of the weekend I got:
Warriors (didn't you see the news Random - they're going to play tough football this week hahaha)
Cowboys to topple Melboure
Roosters to beat the yo yoing Panthers
Raiders - how truly fantastic were the Raiders last week?

Never mind the tough. I'd just like to see them play with some smarts. It'd make all the difference
I'd like to see them pop a pass on attack.

Their scoring options are barge overs and kicks.

If they sat down and watched video tapes of all the NRL tries every weekend maybe they'd get a clue how they might need to score one, ie. take a risk. And that does not mean kick on the 4th instead of the 5th!!!
Well bugger me ... the Warriors won!

I never doubted them for a single moment (just a bunch of linked ones).

I might not like them but, hey, at least their long suffering fans now have something to smile about.

... and Cleary gets to keep his job for at least another week.
They played very well, especially given the conditions (gale force winds and sideways rain). They deserved to win by more. Ah Van butchered a try when he only needed to catch the pass (that was on his chest), and Rovelli would have scored without Lucks decoy run. Anyhow, they have now gone 160 minutes and only conceded 6 points.

The Cowboys meanwhile have conceded 120 odd...

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