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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Welcome to the fucken 1870s 

For fucks sakes sort this shit out

Anybody in ALL of NZ should expect to have their baby delivered "free of charge" without complications ie. natural in a hospital or through a casaerian in a hospital 99 million times out of 99 million and ten. Unless you have chosen to live in a secret location on the west coast of fucken no where you should expect that our healthcare service is up to shit... EVERYWHERE.

Our midwife service last year was mediocre in general but at least we actually had people on deck to fuck it up rather than nobody at all to fuck it up.

Sopranos spoilers...

Anyway... on to more important things. I just saw the final Sopranos episode (downloaded of course through a dodgy Korean website). I'd already checked out the ending online as I was so involved in the series that I didn't want to be surprised (in a negative way being a bitch as wuss as I am, afterall I told my classes today how I cried after taking a header on the luge at Rotorua when I was 13).

David Chase publicly said before the final episode that he was open to a movie so it was obvious to me at least that Tony was going to survive any carnage that there may be. Of course there was no carnage and the ending was brilliantly open ... as everybody has commented on.... but actually it wasn't really. Meadow approached the door with nobody near her to the left or right. If anybody was going to beat her to the door they would have to be wearing a blue cape with red letters saying IOU in blood on them. Tony clearly looked up to the sound of the door, not the toilet with that hired two bit 'actor' who has not appeared in any previous episodes despite what may have been said elsewhere. There was an interview with him in a San Fransico newspaper about how he auditioned for the part and got it but had no freakin idea about what would happen to his appearnance (ie. was the guy at the bar who went to take a crap while Tony and fam were waiting for their onion rings... I'm hungry). He had never been in any previous episodes.

Chase has said that he doesn't have any ideas for a movie but if he has a sudden brain wave or somebody else comes up with a brilliant idea then it's on baby.

I also think the ending is so damn good because I've seen the series countless times and will now be quite happy to sit through it all again, whereas if Tony got the smack handed down I'd probably be less likely. Chase knows this shit and is probably cashing up. But at the same time it's the type of ambiguous ending that is suitable. Everybody has wondered for god knows how many months and years what would happen and this basically says: "What do YOU think would happen?".

I missed the first couple of series with my sister going on about how I'd love them. I was in Korea at the time so couldn't watch them on the tellie.

I bought series one in Korea on DVD and sat down and fell in love right from the get go. I used to invite my American mate up to my apartment and we would watch the series 4 episodes at a time with a few bourban and cokes to wash it down. I tried to buy series 2 and 3 in Korea after they were out but was told there that they didn't exist (yeah right). Every time I came back to NZ from Korea I bought the latest series.

I'm wondering what the fuck has happened to series 6 because it wasn't available from anywhere and everywhere when it was supposedly released (March 7) and Whitcoulls didn't return my courteous email so fuck those chunts (chithead+aunties).

Anyhow. I am picking the Sharks to savage the Warriors which will put Cleary on his deathbed if it happens. Deep down I figure the Warriors have the team to potentially win any game they play this year which is hardcase, but the game plan they have and the halves combination limits them considerably.

They need more dynamic halves, an attacking centre, and some backrowers who can offlaod in the tackle.

Sadly the numbers of club footballers in NZ has dropped massively thanks to the fucking incompetent NZRL.

About the only second grade footballer who might by worth a punt is Sonny Fai who is bloody young and has the hands of Manu Vatuvai. He wasn't even the 10th best footballer in the Bartercard Cup last year so don't get your hopes up. If you are interested though check out Maori TV on Saturday or Sunday at 2pm. The saturday game is live and the sunday game is delayed from saturday. It's obviously not the NRL but it's decent rugby league by and large and believe it or not a fair few of these guys will wind up playing NRL in the next decade.

Problem is that we will have several good NRL players running round in NZ right now who will end up in Aussie NRL teams in years to come simply because we didn't notice them.

I am currently comprising a list of NZers in the NRL whci I'll throw out into the red zone sometime in the next week or so. I've done the Broncos, Bulldogs, Sea Eagles, Storm, and Cowboys...

Right after I've marked my 7th form geo practice papers where I had to tell them the answers, foolios!!!

Peace to the world and happiness to all of woman kind and my wife.


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