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Monday, September 25, 2006

Brash on those Maoris, IV 

Donnie Boy Brash has warmed over one of his favourite themes: "there aren't any real Maoris left anyway!" To predictable howls of outrage.

I've commented on this particular line of thought in the past:

Who is a Maori anyway?
Brash on those Maoris, II
Brash on those Maoris, III

To reiterate what I've said before: it could well be useful for all New Zealanders to start recognizing the level of hybridity in the community, and thus dilute the "iwi vs kiwi" mindset, and for individuals to recognize all aspects of their heritage, to the extent that they are known. But it's not for Brash to cast doubt on how "Maori" some individuals really are. Which he has previously done with reference to skin colour (see complaint about "pale-skinned Maori" at powhiri). Will he pick up the challenge I issued last year and produce a nice colour chart on "how to spot a real Maori" in time for the next election? I think he knows some people who'd be willing to pay for it.

Well my father, who would know considerably more on the matter than Donald Duck Brash has told me more than once that there are 'pure' Maori left and indeed there are many rural Maori (especially in more isolated communities and amongst the elderly) who can speak little or no English.

How do you like that Brash you fucken muppet.

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