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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hey, I actually agree with Rodney Hide! 

Rodney Hide is an intelligent man, although you often wouldn't know it when he's in full politicking mode. As with Peter Dunne, he is capable of nuanced argument and a pragmatic, balanced approach, on occasion. On other occasions both Dunne and Hide utter the most irredeemable shit. As do most party ideologues on a constant basis.

But, in any case, here's where I agree with him. In fact, I agree with pretty much everything he has to say.

Well, apart from the second and third sentences of this assessment, given Helen Clark's recent comments about the "cancerous" Don Brash. Man, has she got a bee in her bonnet at the moment.

Rodney Hide: It can always get worse. But it won't. Eveyone including the media will now pull back because of the public backlash.

As I suggest over at NRT, while there is little point in playing the "but you started it game" (i.e., was it Judith Collins? was it Trevor Mallard? was it Don Brash?) the most divisive political comment I can recall was from Brash during one of the election debates, where he unambiguously suggested that Helen Clark, and anyone supporting Labour, was not a "mainstream New Zealander". I've always thought he can fuck off after that comment.

Anyway, I've already spilled enough words on this nonsense. So here's some good words from Rodney:

Rodney Hide: It has nothing to do with the EBs or the AG report. It has everything to do with the tactics that National and Labour have adopted. It was a big call for National to label Helen Clark and her ministers corrupt. Not in a throwaway line but consistently. Politicians don't like being called corrupt...

Rodney Hide: The AG's report doesn't show corruption. If it did National would be corrupt too. They were found to have misspent 10k. They would be corrupt too – just not as successful! I could see it was going to get ugly once the Nats went down the tactic of consistently labeling Labour corrupt. I also saw it as diminishing Don Brash's image of being above politics and talking about the real issues that confront the nation.

Rodney Hide: I would share it equally between National and Labour. The Greens, Maori Party, ACT and United all want to debate the issues. Winston just wants to enjoy his bauble. And then these big two old parties wanting to slug it out on issues that don't matter.

Rodney Hide: ... National and Labour have made themselves appear to the casual observer to be as bad as each other.

Rodney Hide: The serious observers have their minds already made up. They know who they are voting for. They agree with National that Labour is corrupt and likewise agree with Labour that National is crooked. New Zealanders accept that half of all politicians are crooked – they just disagree about which half!

Well said, Rodney, you've earned my tax dollars this week. I don't agree with your party's policies, but I admire your ability to offer sensible comment and analysis.


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