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Friday, September 15, 2006

Hey Michael Moore and George Bush!! You both got it wrong. 

I'm sure that most of the world has heard about the recent shooting in Montreal. A 25 year old man, after playing too many violent video games, living with his mother, and probably not getting laid enough, went to his college and started to shoot those around him.

Michael Moore told the world in bowling for columbine that Canada isn't big on gun killings. We're different. Guess what Mike? This is the third major incident at a Montreal University / College that has involved people parishing because some maniac decided to spray bullets! Canada is no more immune to gun violence than anywhere else. A Canadian can conjure up motivation to spray bullets just as easily as anyone else, be it from the U.S., New Zealand, Iraq or Lebanon.

When someone convinces themselves that it makes sense to spray bullets and kill themself after the slaughter, or to blow up a bus with TNT strapped to their belt, it is, in the end, a personal decision. The methodology may be a bit different, (bullets versus suicide bomb), and the mental gymnastics might vary as well (I'm a sexually frustrated social invert versus I'm a sexually frusturated social invert who expects 70 virgins to appear for my martyrdom), but it is ultimately a civilian targeting civillians.

Montreal's chief of police Chief Yvan Delorme, has assured the country that terrorism has nothing to do with this. The shooter was just crazy. George Bush would agree. The guy played violent video games, and didn't read the Koran, so he's free of terrorist charges. Had he mentioned Allah at somepoint, then it might qualify.

Hey Delorme and any right wing pundit, you've just had a major violent act that left people dead and terrorized. If this isn't terrorism what is?

Why shouldn't this warrant a full military response? Let's declare war on sexually-frusturated-video-game-playing assholes that live with their mothers! Let's round them up, and send them to a mystery base somewhere. Let's make sure that everyone who enters a college has to disrobe as if they were boarding a plane! No more liquids in lecture. Cancel science class, it's too dangerous.

If Canada doesn't respond with these actions, because law enforcement and politicians understand that it would be useless, than surely to hell, we can convince ourselves that such measures in the supposed 'real war on terror' are equally bunk, and redundant.


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