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Friday, September 22, 2006

Faumuina continued 

The link is in the post below. Polar Bob making some good comments in the forum thread as well.

Sione needs to step back. The people that post in that forum are massively supportive of the Warriors players. Sometimes to the point of making me want to puke. As long as a guy puts in on the field and behaves like an adult towards his team mates and the fans then the fans love them.

The second they start to put number one first is the second they deserve to get it where it hurts and that's what he has done. It doesn't matter if you are a team player most of the time. It has to be ALL of the time. The one and only time for being selfish is when contracts come up and you try and get the best financial deal possible. Outside that it's you who has to burn your arse off meeting those obligations.

Like I said at the end of my post, you guys ( and ladies ) can make up your minds. Since 2003 I have been looking at this site to see what the fans thought about me, people say to not take notice but I couldn't help it, especially posts that shot me down I would use to try and motivate myself to stick it to them. To say i am self centred and not team orientated....... I went to the club and asked for a pay cut to try and retain webby....I was met with a " thats nice of you" and that was that. I was the one who went out to try and make the aussies boys feel welcome by going out with them, playing poker with them and narrowing the gap between aussies and the poly boys outside of training times even though I stayed on the other side of the city to them. Some of you people have no Idea what goes on behind the scenes and are quick to judge by merely reading or making up your own stuff. I will always support my friends in the club ( notice how I didnt say former teamates) because they are truly a special bunch of guys. I thank you for those who have supported me and wish you guys all the best, as for those who still insist I am "a bad egg", what more can I say but thanks for your honest opinions. Just like that ad " KNOW ME BEFORE YOU JUDGE ME ". Last post.


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