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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Pigs in Space (tracking the advance of the police state) 

"I’ll malinger on your block and
Give the finger to a cop and
Pick a lock before I knock and
Set you up to get on top"
-- RHCP, Get on Top

Police state #1: Giving the finger to the Police helicopter, or appearing to do so, gets you pulled out of a restaurant (and a flash one at that) for a "stern talking to" by the jackbooted representatives of the state. Fuck that. If the cops have time to do that, they obviously aren't busy enough. So go out and commit a real crime and give them something to do. Throw an axe into the nearest adulterous MP's office window, perhaps, and call on like-minded New Zealanders to do the same. Just make sure the Exclusive Brethren's private detective isn't following you at the time. For fuck's sake, is being a bit of an immature dick a crime in this country now? And won't the police's heavy-handed actions just encourage more people (like me, for example) to do the same and flip the bird to, err, the bird?

Police state #2: A licence (or "warrant of fitness", perhaps?) for parents. With tests "administered when a baby was born and repeated when the child turned 1, 3, 5, 8, 11 and 14." And of course compliance will be tied to "benefits" (I wonder if that includes working for families). So the real targets aren't George and Matilda Coddington-Smythe of Epsom now are they? Sure, we all know that there are some people who are parents who probably shouldn't be, but what the fuck is this bloated system of surveillance going to do about it? People have the right to reproduce (it's not a "privilege", like driving a car has become). And really no one apart from the most inept and hopelessly inebriated can't pull themselves together for the duration of a "test". Fuck that shit I say, as the proud father of none, I won't be complying. I ain't nobody's bitch!


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