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Monday, September 18, 2006

Whatever you hate, I AM IT 

Whenever you see a cop beatin a guy,
whenever a hungry new born baby cry,
whereever there's a fight against the blood and hate in the air
look in their eyes ma, you'll see me.................

What I find funny is people making out like being accused of being gay is like being called a rapist. And there's fair minded people saying it as well.

If I ever get said to be gay in the media I'm going to come out and say "well, no I've never had sexual relations with a man but if I did by christ I'd fuck the bastard up the arse until he was senseless and love him like there's no tomorrow, I'd suck his cock and play with his nipples all night baby".

Crude yes, but it seems to be what everybody is fascinated/repulsed by. And if you aren't gay but have no problem with people who are then it would be refreshing to say "well, um, no I'm not gay but all power to those who are".

... and like an R-18 movie, if you might be offended by it then block your ears, shut your eyes or better yet turn the tv off and go give it to your husband or wife the old fashioned way, with a back hand across the face and the missionary position into the sunset.

On a slightly different tack -
Imagine if somebody like Elton John came out and "angrily denied straight rumours" and said "how dare you throw these vile accusations at me that I like having sex with women"!!!!!

True, although there is the other aspect of these accustions -- when you try to out someone who is supposedly straight, you're not just saying that they're gay; you're saying that they're gay and a liar, which is where a lot of the offense comes from I think.
that they're gay and a liar ... and that their marriage and most of their life to date has been an entire sham.

For a legal perspective, see Dean Knight (, who thinks as follows:

It's likely though that the courts may treat allegations of gayness "plus" as being defamatory, that is allegations of gayness (which are not defamatory) tied with allegations of infidelity, untruthness, or a "sham" marriage etc (which still might be).
Can't you be happily married though but still enjoy gay sex?

Obviously provided your partner was aware of it and didn't mind.

Unlikely of course but then again we do have couples who indulge in a bit of swapping, the odd orgy, something on the side or are porn stars whilst married or with long term partners.

It ain't the 1950s anymore.

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