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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Stolen property? 

If the police confirm they are investigating the theft of e-mails from Don's computer does this mean Labour et al are in possession of/knowingly received stolen property?
The National Party has lodged an official complaint with police over what it believes is the theft of emails from the party leader Don Brash.A National spokesperson has confirmed that party officials have spoken to police in Wellington, although he would not say when the complaint was made. There has been continued speculation around the Beehive that hundreds of emails to and from Dr Brash have found their way into the hands of a third party, and are in the process of being written up as a book.At the time of last year's election, some of Dr Brash's correspondence was made public and in recent weeks, the Labour Party has hinted that more Exclusive Brethren related emails could surface.

And did the farmer find a small boy with super human strength and a piercing gaze near this meteor?
The police say an unusual object has been found on a farm in Canterbury near where a meteor streaked through the sky yesterday.They say a farmer found the object, which measures 10 by 5 centimetres, on his farm south of Christchurch.The meteor caused a loud sonic boom when it entered the atmosphere sparking hundreds of calls to emergency services from concerned people.The police have taken the object, which the farmer described as like nothing he had ever seen before, to be analysed.Meanwhile the Carter Observatory in Wellington hopes to pinpoint today whether the meteor hit the ground.The Observatory's senior education officer, John Feild, says he will find out today whether radars owned by the Civil Aviation Authority, or Ohakea and Wigram airbases picked up the meteor.He says if the radars recorded it, they might also be able to establish which area it broke up in.But Mr Field says if the meteor did break up, the pieces could be as small as a grain of sand.


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