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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Give Sione a second chance 

Sione deserves a second chance:
When intoxicated and in this mood, Faumuina is generous with his invective. Kiwis coach Brian McClennan, Warriors coach Ivan Cleary and teammate and Kiwis captain Ruben Wiki were among those included in his outburst at the testimonial.
Less than four weeks later, after the Warriors' brilliant performance against the Roosters on Sunday, it is understood that an intoxicated Faumuina let fly again in the aftermatch lounge where members of the public were in attendance. Teammates and autograph hunters were all in the firing line during this salvo.

But for the fans its Sione's care-free, I don't play by your rules, approach to the game that makes him such a draw-card.

Who else would through an over-head no-look pass when trapped in his own in-goal, who else would attempt to offload the ball virtually every time he is tackled?

Anyways, what is he really guilty of?

Is it a crime to abuse your own fans, your coach and team mates.....?

Speaking of dumb though, how fucking stupid were these punters last weekend?
$42,500 @ $6.20 ON NEWC -3.5/WARR/WARR/SOUTHS MULTI
$22,500 @ $4.35 ON NEWC -3.5/WARR/SOUTHS MULTI
$20,000 @ $5.67 ON NEWC -3.5/WARR -6.5/SOUTHS MULTI

More dollars than cents obvisouly.

Just to break this down for bloggingitreal readers the NRL season was into Round 25 when these guys took the Newcastle/Warriors/Souths multi.

While the Warriors and Newcastle are both in good form and smashed their respective oppositions I can't help but wonder who the fuck would include the South Sydney Rabbits in any multi-bet?

Souths were playing the Cowboys who beat Souths in round 17, 16:14.

In the last 25 rounds the Rabbits have won 3 matches.

In round 21 they deservedly beat the Raiders 21:8.

Then in round 22 they beat a massively under-strength and under-performing Penrith team.

Their last win before that was in round 14 when they beat the Baby Broncos in the weekend before State Of Origin (when all the Bronco's stars are away on representative duty).

It's not drawing too long a bow to say the Rabbits have had one good win this season (Raiders round 21.)

Unsurprisingly, last weekend they got smashed by the Cowboys 12:34 and those punters lost $85,000 bucks.

Way to go to back a team that doesn't know how to win.


i think its a shame the sione incident didnt happen earlier. then they could have afforded to keep brent webb

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