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Monday, August 28, 2006

People are being bullied into hiding the uncomfortable truth; students are not learning 

So claims the teacher "forced out" of Dannevirke High School. Now bear in mind this story does appear to be based in part on a report out of the Manawatu Standard, and that there appears to be another side to it (unless pupils, parents and school authorities all took it upon themselves to victimize this guy independently), but might I say it does tend to lend itself to the conclusion ... fuck teaching. If you want to be a prison guard, be a prison guard. If you want to be an educator, think twice before entering many a New Zealand high school.

Nice to hear of the racism and constant low-level assaults too (and let's not put our heads up our collective arses and pretend these aren't de rigour at plenty of high schools around the place either).


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