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Sunday, September 10, 2006

12 reasons to think C4 is ghetto 

Reason #12

Last night we were watching C4's "12 Reasons to Love 1992" which was pretty sweet in terms of Nirvana, Pearl Jam and the Chillis all being in the top 5. But then what was number one we thought, racking our brains for information some 14 years old.

Lo and behold it was G'n'R's "November Rain". Ms_Red immediately opined: "They won't show all of this, it's like, 11 minutes long!!" But then I started grooving on it, and forgot this dire prediction.

Then, during the most climactic scene, whereupon Slash walks out of the church for his patented desert power solo, starts winding it up and ......... CUT. It just stops. Halfway though the song they've been building up to for the last hour and a half. Cue some new, forgettable hip-hop song which will not make the "top 312 of 2006". Ghetto!

the idiocy.

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