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Friday, September 08, 2006

It's Manukau with a "U" for fucks sakes!!!!!! 

The number of times I have seen it spelt 'Manakau' is getting ridiculous. It is the second largest harbour in the South Hemisphere (or so I just read, with the Kaipara being the largest) and home to hundreds of thousands of people.

And low and behold on 3News tonight they have a caption reading that Barry Curtis is mayor of Manakau City Council. I have seen it wrong on television several times with the last possibly being on the news a couple of weeks ago. I expect it from letters to the editors and my high school students who often spell more words wrong than right in a single sentence. But from our TV stations?!

Give yourselves an uppercut or else get your staff on your fucking spelling bee TV shows.

Perhaps it's all some some South Horowhenua take-over of the world / New Zealand?

Manakau of course is a little farming town just out of Otaki
“Little farming town” might be stretching it a bit.

More like an old church nestled beside a much needed passing lane.

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