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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

weather forecasting slag off part 4 

So we are going to get a tropical cyclone hitting NZ last summer they say?

Tropical cyclone hit NZ? NUP!

It's going to be a warmer than usual winter they say?

Warmer than usual winter? NUP!

It's going to rain in Auckland today?

Rain in Auckland today? NUP! Not a drop. Blue skies and the sun out.

Going to be a dry spring they reckon?

Get your brollies back out people. It's going to piss down for three months.

It can't be easy being a forecaster
If I was as inaccurate in my job as these blokes are in theirs, I'd be gone inside a week... these people have the easiest job in the world... zero accountability

(tough word verification this time... took me two)
I just wish that they wouldn't pass the forecast off each night as some sort of set in concrete factual event that IS going to take place without a shadow of a doubt.

It is an educated guess based on scientific data which is fairly accurate but as to what it is going to actually do in the next 24 hours is much harder to work out.

So if they could actually use words like "it MAY rain tomorrow" or "the rain which we have forecast for your area may just MISS YOU and in fact it could be brilliantly sunny", or "the wind MIGHT change direction over night and lead to completely different weather than what we have just gone on about for 10 minutes in your area".

Of course then nobody would bother to watch the weather forecast anymore and that would hurt advertising but at least it wouldn't fucking be FALSE ADVERTISING!!!!!!!!!!

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