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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Saturday Night 

What a fantastic game of football I sat down and saw on Saturday night. Sitting there after a roast dinner, sipping down a few beers with my wife and parents we were over joyed at what we say.

We played controlled football, kept attacking but not recklessly. Our forwards worked their guts out and kept it up for the whole game. Despite us being behind on the scoreboard you still felt that we would come through at the end and take out the game because we had the momentum and the desire.

And when we crossed for the try which took us into the lead which we would keep until the end I high fived my wife and then watched as Hohaia piloted the extras through to seal a 24-20 win over the minor premiers the Storm.

The All Blacks v Aussie game earlier in the evening had made a pretty good curtainraiser as well. Shame we tried to be too adventurous in the first half. If we had played for position we probably would have takena small lead into halftime and then pulled away to win more comfortably. Also a shame that Tuqiri won't accept any responsibility whatsoever for his spear tackle on McCaw. He lifted McCaw beyond waste height AND drove him into the ground AND he didn't even have the ball. AND didn't check to see if he was OK. AND then baited the crowd.

And how come Waugh wasn't sited for his swinging arm on McCaw? What's with that? More crap rugby judicial bullshit. It's simply because they don't like to seem to be picking on anybody and one was enough. Fuck, if ten people deserve to get match bans then give out ten.

How come when we do it to Brian O'Driscoll he's a whining bitch for complaining about it?

How come when someone does it to us he's the evillest thug to walk the earth since Genghis Khan and should be lined up against a wall and shot a dawn?

Just a thought.
That was pretty pathetic how Mealamu and Umaga's tackle got off so lightly (ie. nothign happened whatsoever) but at least in their case the main video evidence wasn't all that flash and the touch judge who was right by it said nothing.

It wasn't until the amateur footage came out that it was seen more clearly and it looked bloody bad. At least as bad as Tuqiri's. The difference being that they lifted O'Driscoll higher but it was more a cse of falling over/dropping him than the driving of Tuqiri.

But then sports fans aren't the most equal thinking of people.
One other thing. Why did Waugh get away with a swinging arm to McCaws face?

The spear tackle was missed by the officials and they used video evidence to cite and then convict Tuqiri.

But did they honestly think that the swinging arm to the face was OK?

I don't get it.

Rugby needs to sort itself out properly and start giving regular bans for foul play and all foul play not just selected bits here and there.

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