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Monday, September 25, 2006


Is it just me or will the poll which comes out in a week or so's time have Labour with a very slight lead over National?

The Herald/TV ONE or whatever the fuck poll always has National with a decent sort of lead and probably has done so for about 2 bloody years. Shame they have never had power over that time despite taking a lead into the election and out of it according to the herald's polling 'source'.

I was polled a while ago by them and got the very vague impression that the person polling me was not a Labour supporter. Just the way she inhaled/suppressed laughter/reaction on a couple of my responses. I also found the questions just slightly dodgy. It was almost like a gut feeling rather than anything like: "Labour suck, do you a) agree, b) not disagree, c) support National or d) support those bloody pinko liberals.

Anyway's let's wait and see what poll B shows.


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