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Friday, September 15, 2006

Who's yo daddy!!! 

Could be me.

My wife has just given birth to our first child so instead of talking about league every other day I may be talking about crap filled nappies.

It's a lovely little girl. What do you reckon? Golf or tennis?

Anyway, back to the hospital. She didn't make it easy on poor mummy. I was completely shot to bits and I had the easy job.

Oh, and when I say "just" I mean two nights ago. I'm not blogging wirelessly from the operating theatre in case you were wondering.
Jolly good. Obvious questions then:

1. Name?
2. When do we get to meet the wee dear?
Awesome stuff. Congratulations. On time and all.
Name: Charlotte
School hols? Which starts the weekend after this one.

I completely abanodoned my high school students haha. Well stuff them. They might behave like babies but I've got a real one on my hands.

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