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Friday, April 27, 2007

NRL Round 7 

Broncos vs Storm - Storm
Bulldogs vs Tigers - Tigers
Panthers vs Raiders - Raiders
Cowboys vs Sea Eagles - Sea Eagles
Rabbits vs Warriors - Warriors
Titans vs Eels - Titans
Knights vs Sharks - Knights

$5 tip of the week - Shahid Afridi to be charged with murder @$1.09

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Fuck This! 

Aucklanders to be hit by 10c fuel tax
NZPA | Wednesday, 25 April 2007
Aucklanders will be hit with a 10 cent tax on every litre of petrol to pay for the regions roads and trains, it was tipped today. The Auckland region will be given the go-ahead to introduce a fuel tax in an announcement understood to form part of the Government's Budget, the New Zealand Herald reports today. A third of the tax, 3.5c, would be used for the electrification of Auckland's suburban trains. The rest of the tax would help pay for Rodney District Council's link-road between Whangaparaoa Peninsula and the Northern Motorway, and for completing the Manukau-Waterview western ring route. A 10c-a-litre levy would add $6 to the cost of filling an average 60-litre tank. The paper said a fuel tax could also be introduced in Wellington ā€“ although to a lesser extent ā€“ and other regions would be able to request the right to tax for transport infrastructure. The $560 million electrification plan for Auckland rail has been the subject of lengthy deliberation in the Beehive. It is thought the Government wants the region to control the new levy ā€“ so the Beehive is not seen as directly increasing fuel taxes to pay for new transport projects. It is understood fuel companies have been kept informed about the regional tax plan and are bracing for a 10cā€“a-litre levy in Auckland, the paper says. A previous attempt at a regional fuel tax to finance public transport proved unpopular. In 1993, regional councils were given the power to raise a 2c-a-litre petrol tax. But it was so unpopular that it lapsed within three years.
I will virtually never use the electrified railway, and hardly ever use that ring road, and absolutely never use the road on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula road so why should I have to pay that much more? About 4 fucking dollars a week that will work out at. And for how long? You can guarantee that when they are all paid for they will simply carry on collecting the money for something else.

Jesus, thats about 200 extra dollars a year most households will have to stump up.

Here's one good fucking reason people don't save Cullen you dumb &*^$!!!! What's 200 dollars out of a disposable income after all the basics are taken care of of a couple of thousand dollars a year? About ten percent of it.

The match to miss 

In this afternoon's ANZAC game the Roosters play host to the Dragons - as I said to someone the other day I can't think of two teams I'd rather watch play less.

They are both playing dreadfully.

But then I saw what was being wagered on this game over at onthepunt:
$20,000 @ $1.90 ON SYD ROOSTERS +3.5 V ST GEO ILL
$10,000 @ $1.90 ON SYD ROOOSTERS +3.5 V ST GEO ILL
$10,000 @ $1.85 ON SYD ROOOSTERS +3.5 V ST GEO ILL
$5,000 @ $1.85 ON SYD ROOOSTERS +3.5 V ST GEO IL

That's pretty brave considering the Roosters have lost every single fucking game they've played so far this year.

While the Roosters have scored 58 points they've had 160 scored against them.

In their last match they were comfortably beaten by a team of rookies in the Raiders, the week before they were smashed by the Broncos...

So here's my questions: where is the form to justify this type of punting?

Anyways, I'll back the Dragons cause at least they've won one game so far...

Monday, April 23, 2007

Smarter than the average beer 

Haha, after much thought I've finally figured out a way to get around webmarshal....

I'll just go home everyday to blog and have lunch - muhahaha.

Looks like webmarshal - the computer programme installed at my work in an attempt increase productivity by stopping employees frittering away their days looking at internet sites far more stimulating than their work-related ones, has just backfired.

You can limit my internet access but you can never take my FREEDOM.

What's more I'll be using a company vehicle to go home when I do.

That's Bennyasena 2 Webmarshal 0

Anyways, on to less self-obsessed news - I'd just like to join in the chorus of saying fuck off George, we'll really miss you and your inspired and intelligent commentary....

Anyways, back to the mill.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Since the Warriors Have a Bye this Weekend 

Friday, April 20, 2007

Censor this bitch 

Alrighty, first of all a big FUCK YOU to webmarshal which seems to have updated itself and blocked me from every blog known to man.

Anyways, my tips for the test and round 6 of the NRL: (ha, got 7/8 right last week)

Aussie vs Kiwis - Kiwis

Storm vs Panthers - Storm

Sharks vs Raiders - Raiders

Sea Eagles vs Titans - Titans.

(I see this one being close and maybe the big upset happening! Titans seem to be consistently paying in excess of $3 which ain't bad for a team that's won 3 out of their last 4.)

Knights vs Broncos - Knights (at least 5 of the Bronocs will be backing up from tonight's test and the Knights ain't been too shabby lately)

Eels vs Bulldogs - Bulldogs

Cowboys vs Rabbits - Rabbits.

$5 bet of the week - Raiders/Raiders halftime fulltime double @$5.50

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Leaving Las Auckland 

The great man of letters is moving on to parts unknown.

He appears to rule out Tauranga and Nelson (there goes my theory about the NZ Herald relocating to become the Tauranga Herald), but the rest of the country had better keep a look out for an elderly curmodgeon with a writing style that mixes small doses of common sense with large measures of moral panic, quoting of Scripture, and climate change denial. And a bad moustache.

As to why Auckland is going to hell in a handbasket, Darth offers the following insights: ever more crowded and unfriendly environment in which privacy is but a memory, scarred by big, ugly apartment buildings rapidly becoming slums.

Am inclined to agree on Auckland apartment buildings being ugly ... but how exactly they are becoming slums I know not. In any case, how such trends affect Darth in his leafy North Shore suburb is an interesting question.

And spreading suburban ghettos based on ethnicity and religion.

Well, I live in a one-up-from-the-ghetto suburb and there's no evidence of ethnic or religious homogeneity whatsoever. Quite the opposite. Ethnically it's diverse, and as for religious belief, it goes unmentioned in polite society.

And more and more infill housing so you can shake hands with your neighbour out the kitchen window (although your neighbour is more likely to shake his/her fist at you).

Again, I can sympathize with aesthetic objections to much infill housing (building a cheap fucking "minor dwelling" on exposed wooded piles is not proper fucking housing, people!) I don't see a lack of neighbourliness in Auckland.

And it's definitely not unfriendly by the standards of medium-to-large sized cities. I find it considerably friendlier than Vancouver. Interestingly, Vancouver ranked 3rd equal, and Auckland a close 5th=, in a recent international survey of urban quality of life. One suspects neither would be good enough for our moustachioed friend.

Hours of time and buckets of money will be wasted trying to get from point A to point B by car or bus as the city's roading infrastructure falls further and further behind the needs. Even today many of us stay close to our homes at weekends because we won't put up with the frustrations of trying to go anywhere.

Like I said, the man is not always bereft of common sense. But really, a sense of proportion can help here. Lots of sprawling, automobile oriented cities have bad congestion. Sydney. Seattle. Toronto. Etc. Given Darth's professed love of his 4-litre Ford, methinks he doesn't spend much time on the bus anyway. He just threw that in there so that people who actually do use public transport might sympathize with his complaints.

Local body services, inadequate as they are already, will struggle with increasing lack of success to deal with sewage and stormwater disposal and rubbish collection. Heaven knows the inner harbour is polluted enough as it is but I fear we ain't seen nothin' yet.

Err, OK, but at least Auckand treats most of its sewage to a reasonable level, something many smaller towns and cities can't or won't do.

My suburb right now resembles a Third World slum with the streets piled high with inorganic rubbish, some of which has been there for weeks uncollected by council services obviously not well enough organised or manned to get the job done efficiently.

Yes, that is a bugbear for many uptight Auckand residents. It would be pleasant if the Council would pick up inorganic garbage more quickly, but I'm not about to leave the city because of it.

Neighbourliness and community spirit, already at a premium, will, like privacy, become an ever-dimmer memory; our parks will deteriorate as they become too crowded to cope; and those Aucklanders so inclined will have to travel further and further to get away from it all.

Has Darth been to a park lately? Unless there's a festival or free concert on, they're practically deserted.

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The smaller the hole, the meaner the rat 

I guess the life of a Customs/Immigration official is not necessarily a pleasant one, but they can be assholes sometimes. I've encountered some of the questions also asked in this case. They are annoying fucking dumbass questions too.

1/ Who paid for your ticket / how did you afford your ticket??

Answer you'd like to give: "I did, what the fuck is it to you? I didn't realize international flights were still confined to the aristocracy by virtue of astronomical pricing. Almost anyone with a full-time job in a reasonably developed country can afford an overseas trip provided they're not too financially over-burdened."

2/ Why are you only staying for x days? This is a long way to travel to only spend this amount of time here?

Answer you'd like to give: "Fuck you once again, my portly under-educated instrument of state surveillance. Fuck you hard. This trip for 'only x days' represents a large proportion of my annual leave. How many holidays do you get that you expect people to holiday for longer than this?"

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Kiwi Team for Anzac test 

A few people have been making worried comments about how we have picked Inu at fullback on the back of one NRL start. And also several other young relatively inexperienced guys like Rapira, saying they are being rushed in etc etc.

Allow me to remind people that we have beaten Australia several times over the course of our history with teams comprised of approximately ZERO players with NRL experience.

Up until the early 90s we had few players in the NRL and if you were going back to the 70s and earlier we basically never had anybody in the NRL. We would rock up with guys selected from club league in Auckland, Wellington, the West Coast and Christchurch and beat them now and then. In fact we have fucken hammered them a couple of times.

The Aussie team is a bunch of girly blouses with a lot of skill. If you smack them round and don't make many mistakes you beat them. Easier said than done, but now and then it is said and then it is done.

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Having Trouble Finding the News 

I'm double posting from public address system cos I wanna...

OK, so apparently there are 30,000 deaths as the result of guns in the United States every year.

That works out at 82 per day.

Can anybody get any details on the 164 gun deaths that must have occured in the US since the V tech massacre?

Extrapolating that out a bit, citizens of the US could murder the entire population of Tauranga, Hamilton, Whangarei and Dunedin in a decade.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

For Fucks Sakes 

"The president believes that there is a right for people to bear arms, but that all laws must be followed," spokeswoman Dana Perino said.

Yeah George. If only you could have had a sit down with this guy before he went on the rampage. I'm sure he would have seen your way of thinking and gone planted a patch of daisies instead.

If people in the US think that it's a good idea that random people are able to be (often heavily) armed then why not give every single kid a fully loaded handgun when they turn 18 and see what happens.

Who needs Arab terrorists when you breed your own right at home and arm them to boot?

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So, the economy's fucked then? 

A primer for non-economists

There is a problem with inflation, apparently, much of it fuelled by demand in the housing sector (esp. amongst would-be landlords me thinks).

The Reserve Bank is charged with getting this under control, but only has one instrument at its disposal, and it appears to be rather blunt: increasing interest rates. But if this was going to work you'd think it would've already, since we already have the highest interest rates around, and have done for some time.

Other than a few more mortgagee auctions it seems to make bugger-all difference.

And the hikes in interest rates make the NZ dollar attractive for earning a quick buck or two, so it increases in value, to a staggering 74 US cents (yawn ... wake me when we achieve parity).

Which works to the disadvantage of our "super-efficient export sector" (TM), which apprently can't compete without the somewhat artificial advantage of one of the lowest currencies (if not the lowest) in the developed world. Quite why this is the case is not explained. I guess they face higher transport costs than most, but then these should fall as the NZD increases, esp. relative to the USD.

Anyway, unemployment is low, and even if every sheep farmer went to the wall it still would be. Alternatively, the farmers could get into more lucrative crops.

Meanwhile, National blames government spending. (Yawn). As if their favoured tax cuts wouldn't be inflationary. Hell, I favour tax cuts too ... but can guarantee I have no intention to save a brass penny of any extra money heading my way.

With the NZD heading up, I'd take an overseas holiday!

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Friday, April 13, 2007

NRL Round 5 

Alrighty then here are my tips for week 5 of the NRL!

Titans v Broncos - Titans

Panthers v Eels - Panthers

Dragons v Storm - Storm

Bulldogs v Sea Eagles - Sea Eagles

Warriors v Cowboys - Warriors

Wests Tigers v Sharks - Tigers

Rabbitohs v Knights - Knights (this one's being played at the Bluetongue Stadium) hmmmm.

Raiders v Roosters - Raiders (but this one could go either way.

After a dreadful weekend last week I'm hoping for a little luck on this one - and at risk of jinxing the bet of the weekend team I'd advise punters to lay $5 on Manly to topple the lowly Bulldogs.

They're paying $2,75 head to head not bad for a team that's got a 100% record so far this season.


Thursday, April 12, 2007

My Wife Has 547 Unread Emails 

Should I be Concerned?

Or should I go back to drinking bourbon and coke from my milkshake glass?

Maybe she has a spamalker?

Anybody played texas holdem' poker? I just earnt 5$ for my daughters piggy bank towards her university education which should be about $12,000 a year and counting in 2023 and promptly lost $10 of my own money. Good game. I recommend playing low stakes but high buy ins which makes the game more fun but less riding on them. You can get a few games in in the night and only face losing 5 dollars per game over the course. If you play higher stakes of say 10 dollars then people play more conservatively and the games drag out over hours and you end up with folks watching for an hour and a half with nothing to do. For example one game of 10 dollar buy ins would go for 2-3 hours whereas 5 dollar buyings might last an hour and a half and then you can rejoin.

A bit like betting on an Aussie Super 14 team. You lose your ten bucks and have to watch it go down the shitter for 80 minutes.

Seriously, next time NSW or the Reds rock up to Auckland or Christchurch go to the bank and raise a loan of 10 million dollars. You will make a guaranteed million dollars if the home odds are $1.10. In fact I don't know why banks don't bet on such games. It is a far quicker way of earning that amount of money rather than sending it to 19 different countries, 7 different arms dealers, 13 diamond smugglers and 14 separate chinese laundromats.


Here's ma alligator haters for round 4
Sydney Roosters 10 Brisbane 32 (11476) *pathetic. Couldn't have happened to a better team.
Souths 10 Bulldogs 34 (34315) ***** awesome (although many would be Bulldogs fans)
Newcastle 12 Melbourne 22 (20051) ****
North Queensland 25 Wests Tigers 24 (21879) *****
Parramatta 38 Canberra 6 Parramatta (10091) **
Penrith 22 Gold Coast Titans 24 (15022) ****
Manly 13 New Zealand 10 Brookvale (16418) *** considering they were unbeaten and playing a decent team they could have done a bit better.
Cronulla 40 Dragons 4 (19137) **** Way to go faggoty arse homos.

Warriors need to win this weekend to reconvince me of a top 4 spot otherwise I might need to re-evaluate things to a top 6 position.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

It's been a while since I blogged atchya 

How is it that, as a reasonably enthusiastic cricket fan, I'm not in to the World Cup? Y'know that sumptuous feast of cricket against an idyllic caribbean backdrop.

Answer: don't have SKY.
Primary reason for not having SKY: can't afford it

As Yamis said to me earlier:
To be honest I think pay TV sport has fucked sport in many ways. So much on if you do have it but nothing on if you don't. People complain about too much rugby etc but for those without pay TV they get nothing and you end up with a whole lot of people losing interest or never gaining any in the first place.

I got into cricket after seeing it on TV at about age 8. That could not happen today if your parents couldn't afford SKY.

Second, I have received ARTA's sustainable transport plan in the mail. Looks interesting. Turned to a random page and found information on the proportion of work-related trips taken by motor vehicle by suburb. Massey is in the top quintile (over 84%). Small wonder: the bus service is torturously slow and murderously expensive. $7.50 to the city (a staggering distance of 16km) ... and the bastards don't even take the motorway the whole way, but wind through endless suburbs and commercial areas. Wager at least 1 hour to traverse the distance. Whereas today I drove (ususual for me): I left just after rush hour, it took 15 minutes, and perhaps $2 petrol. I was warm and got to listen to the radio.


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bourbon and Coke Brings You... 

Tonights brief episode on the Warriors and Blues.

The Warriors are doing OK. They have had a horrible draw to start the year with a decent side in the Eels first up followed by last years premiers, then three unbeaten table topping teams in a row in the Storm, Sea Eagles and Cowboys. But if they can tip over the Cowboys which they would be 50/50 to do then it would be a very solid start to the year and with two pints for the bye in week 6 (I think) they may find themselves in about 4th spot. If they lose to the Cowboys then they may have a bit of a hard graft to get where they need to be.

I think they are struggling in the halves for some playmakers. i don't think the club has had a truly class number 6 in it's existence and this year is no exception. Our halfback Rovellie is no better. I'm not entirely sure what he is bringing to the team apart from a kicking game which with all due respect even I had, and I was a rugby lock who was brought up playing standoff in league. If I can punt the ball 50 metres on the full and know when and where a chip kick should go with no pressure (league kickers are rarely under pressure) then these guys should do better and have a lot more strings to their bow. Rovellie does not take on the line enough. I think they should have Hohaia in there and instruct him to run whenever he feels the urge and get McKinnon and a forward running off each shoulder in an organised play every couple of sets.

those tries we see every now and then such as the first v the Eels require motivation, planning and execution, but if you just ruck out every fucking tackle looking for a last play option (usually a cross field chipped bomb) then you will score piss all points and not streacth the opposition much.

Without dangerous playmakers in the middle we will be too reliant on our defence to win us games which is fine and dandy a lot of the time but it won't win you titles when you line up against some of these attacks which will carve you to pieces especially out wide where our defence is weakest.

Onto the Blues. They are a very good team but still not quite clicking which is probably agood thing. I predict they will drop a game and the Crusaders will top the table either by points differential or a bonus point or two. The Blues and Crusaders are shooins for the final though. The team which hosts will win it about 75% of the time. Who can predict with certainty though? So after about a dozen years of the Super 12/14 we will still have just 3 winning teams which makes it look like the several football leagues in Europe only this comp is supposed to be a level playing field in terms of salary caps and picks of players. I guess history and strength of club comps in Canterbury and Auckland has a lot to do with it and the good coaching and management of the Brumbies has got them some success.

On another note this idea of Wellington in the Super League is absurd. It might be novel for a couple of seasons but then the complaints would roll in and the total lack of knowldege of the English teams would kill them. With the NRL people watch a lot of the games and know the teams and players. But the Super League has limited coverage and it's on very early on Sunday mornings. It simply won't work.

They are better off targetting the NRL for about a 2010 start.

Wrap up to come later in my holidays when I have finished bolting the deck properly and staining it. It started to crack like shit with just a months worth of sun on it.

PS. Malcolm Speed from the ICC was interviewed on RS yesterday and said that it was in fact the 25 dollar (that's US dollars) tickets that weren't selling which were very affordable and basically taking a side-swipe at the West indies supporters for not getting along.

What an utter cunt. 25 bucks might not be a lot to this fat prick sitting in Dubai earning hundreds of thousands of pounds no doubt, but when the average wage in the Windies is about 400 dollars a month then it's about 3 days earnings after tax. Why would you pay that to sit on your own in a shit seat to watch some random international team hammer somebody from somewhere obscure?

Speed thought the prices were reasonable for a top class international event. Well yeah, the semis and final might be top class but what about the rest of it? And if the ticket prices were reasonable then more people would be going. SO OBVIOUSLY THEY ARE'NT REASONABLE YOU DICKWAD.

The cheapest tickets should have been about 10-15 dollars NEW ZEALAND to get in.

Think about what you would pay at McLeans park in Napier to watch Zimbabwe take on India in a pool match on a Tuesday. Sweet fuck all I'd say. Especially when there are something like 45 games being played.

All events like this should ensure that all games are close to soldout and if that means having 5 dollars for adults and 2 dollars for kids then go for it.

How can they make any money if the ticket prices are sky high and the stands are 50, 60, 70, 80% empty?

Friday, April 06, 2007

Better latesh than never 

My tips for round 4 of the NRL:
Rabbitohs vs Bulldogs - Rabbits
Roosters vs Broncos - broncos
Knights vs Storm - Storm
Cowboys vs Tigers - Cowboys
Eels vs Raiders - Raiders
Sea Eagles vs Warriors - Warriors
Panthers vs Titans - Panthers
Sharks vs Dragons - I dunno here, err I'll go Dragons even though I kind of agree with Yamis that:
"the Dragons will never win the NRL because they have a bunch of faggoty arse homos".

Talk about bloggingitreal.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Inspire Net Jets 

Just looking through the TV guide from the local rag and according to it the Auckland Stars are playing the "Inspire Net Jets".

What sort of f**king name is that?

Who are they? Where are they from? This is what I, and the sports fans in Korea used to hate with the professional sports teams over there. They would be named the Samsung Lions, Hyundai Unicorns, LG Cheetahs, etc. They had no bloody identity with the local area they were based in. But at least those teams were OWNED fully by the teams that were in their names. They weren't simply sponsored by them. That's why the "Vodafone Warriors" thing really f**ks me off as a league fan. To sell out your name is the ultimate disgrace. Plaster your name all over the uniform if you have to but the name should be important.

Next we will go the way of Indian cricket teams and end up with matches between the National Bank Mortgage Investment Team against the Mutual Fund Blue Chip Advisors XI.

This can be filed in the "Go f**k Yourself Files".

At least these days the Korean chaebols have followed the complaints of Koreans fans and started to ditch their names from the team names and go with the city name instead. but hilariously we are acting life out in reverse and are becoming the rebel Sport Super 14, State Auckland Aces etc.

Freakin Pathetic. Without a name you are empty piles of pus.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

NRL Week 3 wrap 

Round 3
Parramatta 22 Wests Tigers 20 (18142) ****
Brisbane 28 Penrith 29 (24582) ***
Cronulla 16 Souths 26 (17866) ****
St George 18 North Queensland 22 (10282) **
Bulldogs 22 Gold Coast Titans 6 (14675) **
Sydney Roosters 8 Manly 30 (11976) **
Melbourne 30 New Zealand 12 (12874) ***
Canberra 48 Newcastle 18 (13109) ***

Apparently there were big queues to get into Canberra stadium and some people simply left. How the fuck can you struggle to get around 13,000 into a large venue? Answer: everybody tried rocking up to the game 10 minutes before kickoff. Stiff shit. get there for the curtainraiser. that's what they are there for. If you aren't interested in your up and coming players then you probably aren't that interested in the premier side.

But I bet they wished they had stuck around. The Raiders piled on 8 tries in a freakin hammering of a Knights side which included Johns. I was thinking during the game that the Raiders are a shadow of the side they used to be which begs the question, what would the Knights have lost by versus a Raiders squad featuring: (before I list it, they talk about each State of Origin team as being "possibly the best ever NSW or Queensland side, well this Raiders side of 1994 would wipe the fucking floor with the weak as piss SOO sides these days and it was just one club team).

Brett Mullins
Noa Nadruku
Ruben Wiki
Mal Meninga
Ken Nagas
Laurie Daley
Ricky Stuart
Bradley Clyde
David Furner
Jason Croker
John Lomax
Glenn Lazurus
Paul Osborne
Quentin Pongia
Steve Walters

There were a few other handy players I omitted from that list and they still would have had to have left two from that list on the reserve bench.

I reckon that Raiders team would have beaten Newcastle 192-0 last night.

The Warriors would have got a bit of a timely reality check. they had played two good halves of football so far (one v the Eels and one v the Broncos) against teams who now have 1 win from 6 games. It doesn't get much easier. they play teams 1 and 2 this weekend in the Sea Eagles and Cowboys. they will want at least one win in order to stay in the top 8. We are a confidence team so the last thing we need is two losses, a suspension and a couple of key injuries heading into the bowels of the season. We are a top 4 side so we need to prove it by taking care of one of them.

Notice all the "we's"?

In other news the Super 14 is a disgrace. Although the last 20 minutes of the Blues v Chiefs game was willing enough.

Monday, April 02, 2007

From Our "Oh My God" Files 

This is what Korean high school students get made to do.

i takes quite a while to load but its worth checking out. Just open another window and play around until its ready to play (large white circle to play if it doesn't automatically).

The football game is of no significance to them.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Dragons in White Smellie Armour 

Y'know my father and I have discussed this several times over the last couple of seasons and we have come to the conclusion that the Dragons will never win the NRL because they have a bunch of faggoty arse homos (I mean that in the sense that they are not cut out to play a brutal sport - though Ian Roberts kind of wrecks the theory) that wear white boots to go with their white socks and mainly white shorts and shirts.

The Dragons have always been about image which is probably why nobody goes to watch them apart from school kids and their mums.

Guys, look in the mirror, realise you are a pack of wankers and wear black boots, harden up and win a few meaningful games from time to time.

In the mean time 2007 is going all right. The Blackcaps are doing OK, despite the inevitable semi final loss v South Africa or Australia. The Blues are topping the Super 14 and they or the Crusaders will win the title a-fucking-gain. The Warriors are going well and are a shoe-in for the playoffs already, and best of all.........

Rage Against The Machine and All Saints have re-united. Thought fortunately not with each other.

Can life get any better?

Also, has anybody seen alt tv late on in the evening. There I was channell surfing a little after midnight on saturday and what do I see but a large dildo being shoved up a vagina. It was only a photograph being held up by the host, but nonetheless. She then went on to discuss the number of texts she was getting to get her tits out which she would do if she got enough along with generally filthy comments for a couple of minutes.

I really must watch more often.

Speaking of porn, for all the women readers out there here's rage ...

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