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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

It's been a while since I blogged atchya 

How is it that, as a reasonably enthusiastic cricket fan, I'm not in to the World Cup? Y'know that sumptuous feast of cricket against an idyllic caribbean backdrop.

Answer: don't have SKY.
Primary reason for not having SKY: can't afford it

As Yamis said to me earlier:
To be honest I think pay TV sport has fucked sport in many ways. So much on if you do have it but nothing on if you don't. People complain about too much rugby etc but for those without pay TV they get nothing and you end up with a whole lot of people losing interest or never gaining any in the first place.

I got into cricket after seeing it on TV at about age 8. That could not happen today if your parents couldn't afford SKY.

Second, I have received ARTA's sustainable transport plan in the mail. Looks interesting. Turned to a random page and found information on the proportion of work-related trips taken by motor vehicle by suburb. Massey is in the top quintile (over 84%). Small wonder: the bus service is torturously slow and murderously expensive. $7.50 to the city (a staggering distance of 16km) ... and the bastards don't even take the motorway the whole way, but wind through endless suburbs and commercial areas. Wager at least 1 hour to traverse the distance. Whereas today I drove (ususual for me): I left just after rush hour, it took 15 minutes, and perhaps $2 petrol. I was warm and got to listen to the radio.


dc_red,,,I can understand your general apathy towards the CWC if it`s Sky that has exclusive live coverage there. Having not lived in NZ for around 5 years now, I have no idea what the rates on their packages are, but if it`s anywhere near as obscene as a $7:50 bus ride from Massey into Downtown Auckland, then FAAAAARRRRRRKKKK that for a lark. There is live online coverage,(hosted on several asian sites),covering the world cup such as
Depending on your connection speed, such sites might not be of much use. Last I heard Telecom NZ were still completely fucking the public over with exorbitant charges for the services,(or lack thereof), that they provide.
It seems they will always cite the small population as the reason behind not expanding the internet backbone in NZ.
On matters public transport, I live in what is regarded as one of the most expensive cities in the world to reside in, yet I can pretty much go anywhere in this city by bus for less than $3 NZ.

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