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Thursday, April 19, 2007

The smaller the hole, the meaner the rat 

I guess the life of a Customs/Immigration official is not necessarily a pleasant one, but they can be assholes sometimes. I've encountered some of the questions also asked in this case. They are annoying fucking dumbass questions too.

1/ Who paid for your ticket / how did you afford your ticket??

Answer you'd like to give: "I did, what the fuck is it to you? I didn't realize international flights were still confined to the aristocracy by virtue of astronomical pricing. Almost anyone with a full-time job in a reasonably developed country can afford an overseas trip provided they're not too financially over-burdened."

2/ Why are you only staying for x days? This is a long way to travel to only spend this amount of time here?

Answer you'd like to give: "Fuck you once again, my portly under-educated instrument of state surveillance. Fuck you hard. This trip for 'only x days' represents a large proportion of my annual leave. How many holidays do you get that you expect people to holiday for longer than this?"

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