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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Fuck This! 

Aucklanders to be hit by 10c fuel tax
NZPA | Wednesday, 25 April 2007
Aucklanders will be hit with a 10 cent tax on every litre of petrol to pay for the regions roads and trains, it was tipped today. The Auckland region will be given the go-ahead to introduce a fuel tax in an announcement understood to form part of the Government's Budget, the New Zealand Herald reports today. A third of the tax, 3.5c, would be used for the electrification of Auckland's suburban trains. The rest of the tax would help pay for Rodney District Council's link-road between Whangaparaoa Peninsula and the Northern Motorway, and for completing the Manukau-Waterview western ring route. A 10c-a-litre levy would add $6 to the cost of filling an average 60-litre tank. The paper said a fuel tax could also be introduced in Wellington – although to a lesser extent – and other regions would be able to request the right to tax for transport infrastructure. The $560 million electrification plan for Auckland rail has been the subject of lengthy deliberation in the Beehive. It is thought the Government wants the region to control the new levy – so the Beehive is not seen as directly increasing fuel taxes to pay for new transport projects. It is understood fuel companies have been kept informed about the regional tax plan and are bracing for a 10c–a-litre levy in Auckland, the paper says. A previous attempt at a regional fuel tax to finance public transport proved unpopular. In 1993, regional councils were given the power to raise a 2c-a-litre petrol tax. But it was so unpopular that it lapsed within three years.
I will virtually never use the electrified railway, and hardly ever use that ring road, and absolutely never use the road on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula road so why should I have to pay that much more? About 4 fucking dollars a week that will work out at. And for how long? You can guarantee that when they are all paid for they will simply carry on collecting the money for something else.

Jesus, thats about 200 extra dollars a year most households will have to stump up.

Here's one good fucking reason people don't save Cullen you dumb &*^$!!!! What's 200 dollars out of a disposable income after all the basics are taken care of of a couple of thousand dollars a year? About ten percent of it.

saying you wont use something so you shouldnt have to pay is not a strong argument.

what about ratepayers who don't like league but have to prop up mt smart stadium? or people who would never go to the museum? cities have to fund these things somehow.

i think road tolls are a more equitable funding tool but that option was rejected by the public.
Perhaps you should move to Christchurch?

I don't mind funding things I don't use like parks or whatever but where is the precedence for this?

Where else in New Zealand pays extra petrol taxes to fund the roads or public transport initiatives in their area?

I drove all around the South Island once and found fucking nice roads but fuck all cars on them.

If the locals had paid extra petrol taxes to build them then they would probably be paying an extra dollar a litre.

Auckland, as is well known, pays more tax than what it receives (in other words we susbsidise other areas of the country through various means. And i don't really care all that much about that. But where's the give and take to go with the take?

Also the tolls were an utter crock of shit.

The north western ring road to connect with the northern motorway was designed to reduce congestion going up the guts of Auckland. but they were going to toll people who were going to be using the road which reduces congestion elsewhere.

Surely you would put tolls on these inner city roads which are now freed up?

Doesn't that make more sense? Virtually impossible to enforce but far more fair than taxing people who are still having to take the long way round (and it probably wouldn't be any faster anymore anyway).
“Auckland contributes more in tax than it receives.”

Really? Does that include the payout to Team Emirates or the funding of TVNZ?

You must be joking LB. 30 million for Team NZ is a pittance compared to the billions we are talking about.


It's a public service that all NZers use.

Auckland makes up about a quarter of NZ's population but pays around a third of the taxes. like I said though, that doesn't really bother me... until we have to start paying even more taxes than people outside Auckland.
1/4 of the population does not equal 1/4 of the income or 1/4 use of the taxpayer $$$.

As for TVNZ; check their latest ads. For the first time in my life I think the Cantabs are hard done by.

It's a well known fact that Auckland does not get back from the government what it pays in tax.

I imagine that is fairly typical of most large cities world wide.
Maybe you should *start* using the railway. Then you'd not have to pay the extra gas tax and you'd get the benefit of the spending.

Or move somewhere nearer work and walk.

Or buy a cheaper to run car.

I still pref my scheme
That would be assuming that I live within walking distance of a railway station. The nearest (henderson) would take roughly 2 hours to walk to.

My car is a small Nissan which is cheap to run. I live about 8 minutes drive from where I live.

I also have a 7 month old daughter.

Catchign public transport for a young single is a fair way easier than our current situation. I used to get public transport daily in South Korea for 4 years. I have no phobia of it.

But if they really want more and more people to use it they need to put prices down as petrol prices go up. Not match them all the time.

A friend is staying with us at the moment. For her to get home to Papatoetoe from Massey she has to take a bus which is $7.50 just to get to the city. Then it's about another 5 bucks to get to papatoetoe on the train. $13 one way to cross the city and you are looking at a trip of about 2 hours + waits.

There is no answer unless the government and regional council stump up massive subsidies to drop public transport prices SIGNIFICANTLY, and they add more services.
Actually I live 8 minutes drive from where I work.

I live 0 minutes drive from where I live.

A round trip for my wife and I to the city plus baby on the bus would be in the region of 30 dollars plus the massive inconveniences re: prams, bags, waiting time, + bus driving in circles.

The petrol cost there and back would be under 10 dollars, take way less time, plus we have somewhere to put everything.

It's a no-brainer. But then we will get taxed so people can get electrified on a train 10 kilometres away, and so people who decided to live on a fucking peninsula can get on a motorway faster about 30 kilometres away.
Also Rich, I checked out you scheme. An interesting idea. It would cost a small fortune to administer it though I'm sure. it's a bit like those tolls that 90% of the money goes towards operating them and collecting the money and only 10% actually goes on the price of the works.

It would be a pretty major inconvenience to have to produce another card every time you buy petrol. Yet another card for the already full with cards wallet. Even if it was tied to eftpos There would still be occasions when you could only pay with cash and so you would need a card in those instances.

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