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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Inspire Net Jets 

Just looking through the TV guide from the local rag and according to it the Auckland Stars are playing the "Inspire Net Jets".

What sort of f**king name is that?

Who are they? Where are they from? This is what I, and the sports fans in Korea used to hate with the professional sports teams over there. They would be named the Samsung Lions, Hyundai Unicorns, LG Cheetahs, etc. They had no bloody identity with the local area they were based in. But at least those teams were OWNED fully by the teams that were in their names. They weren't simply sponsored by them. That's why the "Vodafone Warriors" thing really f**ks me off as a league fan. To sell out your name is the ultimate disgrace. Plaster your name all over the uniform if you have to but the name should be important.

Next we will go the way of Indian cricket teams and end up with matches between the National Bank Mortgage Investment Team against the Mutual Fund Blue Chip Advisors XI.

This can be filed in the "Go f**k Yourself Files".

At least these days the Korean chaebols have followed the complaints of Koreans fans and started to ditch their names from the team names and go with the city name instead. but hilariously we are acting life out in reverse and are becoming the rebel Sport Super 14, State Auckland Aces etc.

Freakin Pathetic. Without a name you are empty piles of pus.

You know one reason why they give teams names in the first place (e.g. Wellington => Hurricanes) is to facilitate this sort of thing - taking the name of the town out is stage one of a process which can end up with teams being relocated to LA.

Mind you, corporate sponsored sports teams have a long history: top Dutch soccer club PSV Eindhoven started out as a soccer club for Philips employees in 1913. Not unrelated is the interesting fact that Israeli club Beitar Jerusalem was affiliated with a terrorist organisation (Irgun) before Israeli independence.

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