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Tuesday, August 07, 2007


I'm dishing out some awards for crap this morning.

Crap 1: "Youth Crime on the Rise: Violent Teens Terrorize Streets!!" The Dominion Post's Paul Easton illustrates an inability to write a coherent introductory paragraph, or even to convert raw numbers of offenders/offences to per capita rates.

Crap 2: Check out this guy's "promise anything" approach to the Auckland mayoralty. Lower rates! No new water charges! Public transport for all! Land of milk and honey awaits voters. Reminds me of a certain national political party that promised spending increases in almost every area plus substantial tax cuts.

Crap 3: A certain distinguished commentator on international relations and defence has been fired by a certain tertiary education sector employer. I'm not going to link this one.


Was the sacking of a " certain distinguished commentator on international relations and defence" a hatchet job of the grubbiest order?

Looks like it from this distance.

LB - see this morning's Herald story for a reasonable update.

Craccum ran the alleged full text of the offensive email. It was fairly offensive. But not extremely so. And when followed swiftly by an apology, which was apparently accepted, it should not strike the objective observer as a "firing offence".

Who hasn't written an ill-advised email after a bad day or bad week.

The Herald hints that the underlying offence may be getting offside with a few key colleagues.

Buchanan is at pains to point out that the email was sent at 7.24 pm, which diminishes the possible "glug glug" explanation.

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