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Friday, August 03, 2007

Round 21 

Round 20 was a dire week for me (4/8) but better for prominent tipster Yamis (6/8). Rumour has it that the seldom-sighted Bennyasena made a few dollars on the half-time/full-time bet for the Warriors over the Knights.

This week is a real lottery, with many sweet match-ups, but here goes:

Knights v Dragons - Not actually very sweet at all. Dragons.

Bulldogs v Eels - A bit more like it. Bulldogs.

Titans v Tigers - Good grief what's happened to the Titans? Tigers.

Cowboys v Raiders - Not so scintillating either - go with home advantage. Cowboys.

Panther v Rabbitohs - Interesting. I don't know. Rabbitohs.

Roosters v Warriors - Arrrgghhhh. My heart says Warriors. My mind says Roosters. Roosters.

Broncos v Sea Eagles - Arrrgghhhh again. Umm - Broncos. It's the 20th anniversary of their first encounter, when the Broncos slaughtered the reigning champs.

Sharks v Storm - The Storm won't fuck up again. Storm.


Well, I've been away so I'll cheat and put my picks up late

Knights v Dragons - Dragons

Bulldogs v Eels - Eels

Titans v Tigers - Tigers

Cowboys v Raiders - Cowboys

Panther v Rabbitohs - Rabbitohs

Roosters v Warriors - Warriors

Broncos v Sea Eagles - Sea Eagles

Sharks v Storm - Storm

None of you picked a draw in the Warriors game...

What are you talking about?
dc_red picked the Roosters, I picked the Warriors and so clearly that equals a draw!

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