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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Yeah, this makes sense 

To stop students from hitting teachers we are going to hit them instead.

The reason for students becoming more violent is for several reasons and thinking belting them is going to solve it is a bit like proposing we arm all dairy owners and they blow shoplifters heads off every time they see one. Sure it may cut down on shoplifting a fair bit but then it may also result on shoplifters blowing the shopkeepers brains out first and the rest of us carrying AK47s into the dairy just in case we are mistakenly seen pocketing a peanut slab.

I doubt very much that kids whack their teacher because they don't get the strap anymore. It's more because they are watching a bit too much crap on TV, their parents belt them around or verbally run them down, or their teacher is an authoritarian, or pisspoor at talking to children of that particular age group. Confrontations in the classroom are easy as hell to get into. The trick is to avoid them. A lot of the time the school will be to blame by not having enough support systems in place ie. the ability for the teacher to remove misbehaving students from the class with little fuss. Every school in NZ should have this facility, and if not then the government must make it a requirement. I got rid of 5 students from my classes on Friday alone for anti social behaviour. They bugger off and if these removals build up they get stood down from school. It also means the rest of the class gets the message (if they needed it) and we can get on with the lesson.

Went to the Warriors game last night and got the result we should have. They made a few silly errors but lets be honest, they played a crap side and flogged their pants off. There's no point playing it like its 0-0 with 5 minutes to go when it's 30-4 with 40 minutes to go. We now move into 4th spot and at worst will be 5th by the end of the round. Highlights of the night were Vatuvei running 80 metres to score after dc_red had just dissed him and Steve Price scoring with room to spare from 55 metres.

I think the top 8 will stay as it is. The Rabbitohs are realistically the only team that can sneak in. From 10th down will most likely be 2-4 points outside the 8 and with time running out they would need to basically win 4 from 5 or 5 from 5 to get in.

I think a reasonably accurate prediction of the Warriors final position is this:
Win 5 from 5 and they will finish 3rd, win 4 from 5 and they will finish 4th. Win 3 from 5 and they might still finish 4th but 5th would be more likely. Win 2 from 5 and they will finish about 7th or 8th. Win 1 from 5 and they finish 9th.

They should win all their games with the possible exception of the Sea Eagles. I also picture them losing away to the Roosters or Raiders. And maybe if theres not much riding on the Panthers game in the last week they could lose that but to be honest, they should win every game from here on out. They are fully fit, playing very good football against sides who have players missing, and who aren't going so well. Something has to go pretty wrong for things to fuck up for them.

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