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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

People are going to think we were stupid 

When looking back in ten years time, and noting that a song about one woman's need for her umbrella was at #1 for over 10 weeks. Making it the most chart-topping song since Wet Wet Wet's "Love is all around" in 1994 (15 weeks: from the soundtrack to Four Weddings if I recall). The inane nature of Rihanna's lyrics won't go unnoticed either ... but goddam I'm the first to admit the tune's catchy.


In my day it was a song about a yellow ribbon that broke all records.

Back safely dc?

Leg Break
Or Blue Suede Shoes.
Noo Yamis; I'm not THAT old.

Another big hit in my day was about a Convoy...
So you're too old to do the 'twist' then LB?

Personally the only twisting I do is of beer bottle caps.

Thinking of other silly songs from back in the day, I was a huge Def leppard fan and could never quite work out what "Pour some sugar on me" was all about.
Way too young for the twist..

As for the Def Leppard song; I am a huge fan of Nina Simone. One of her greatest numbers was "I want a little sugar in my bowl"

Listen to it; there's no doubt what that one was about (or why it was banned at the time)

Yes I am back safely, thanks for asking LB. I intend to write a meaningful post or two about my travels, and get back on sportsfreak, but for now all I can manage is a couple of lines about an umbrella. Which is all our friend Rihanna can manage too. Not that she wrote the song of course.

I was concerned that your plane might have caught fire as you stubbed out on leaving the loos...


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