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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Warriors Hopes 

They look good for a playoff spot at the moment but of course it will only take a loss this weekend to get us worried again.

A loss and a Knights win will see us slip back to 9th. A win will see us leap frog the Tigers and Bulldogs both on points differential up into 6th spot.

The Warriors have a decent run home whereas those sides around them aren't so lucky. The Sharks and Titans look like the wheels have fallen off to a point where they can't even find them let alone put them back on. The Broncos have been on a roll but have a shit run home. And they've lost Lockyer which pretty much rules them out of defending their title. Their saving grace might be that they have three games on the trot at home and if they can guts out wins there then they might make the playoffs with weeks to spare.

The Bulldogs also have a harder run home though I really must check these things properly rather than go off memory.

I'm picking the ABs to win 22-12 at Eden Park tonight. Aussie could win but I can't see it. It's more likely that the ABs would slaughter them than that happening.

And it will all mean nothing for the World Cup. Aussie have losy 16 straight away from home against NZ, South Africa and France over the last 4 years and are generally crap away from home all the time. But these two years might point to how little that all means. 1991 and 1999.


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