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Monday, July 30, 2007

On not toeing the anti-government line 

You'd think a Minister had never resigned in disgrace / been pushed out before.

10 Ministers have been so disposed of during 8 years of the Labour-led government, including some who have been re-appointed, in whole (Ruth Dyson), or in part (Dover Samuels), and some who are long forgotten (Phillida Bunkle).

Cue a media field-day about the ruthless PM and a government in crisis.

Quick history lesson: how many Ministers were dismissed during the chaotic final 3-year term of the last National Government? Y'know the one that started with the unlikely combination of Bolger and Peters, and ended in the high farce of Shipley, Mauri Pacific, Mana Wahine, and so on?

I can't seem to find a list anywhere, so I'm going to build one from memory and a bit of looking around. In no particular order:

1. Neil Kirton
2. Tuariki John Delamere
3. Winston Peters*
4. Deborah Morris
5. Brian Donnelly*
6. Jim Bolger (rolled as leader)

Other possibilities:

7. Robyn McDonald (Minister outside Cabinet?)

* = Stuck with NZFirst after the purge/collapsge of August 1998.

Deborah Morris!! Now there's a blast from the past. She did hold good parties though.

Did Kopu ever make the cabinet in that government??

No, unfortunately Kopu was never appointed to the "cabinet of the damned". ;-)

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