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Friday, June 01, 2007

Round 12 

Fresh off last week's triumphal tipping, I offer the following insights into the NRL, competition of giants. Actually, this week's matches seem a bit harder to pick.

Panthers v Sea Eagles - another triumph for the men from Manly-Warringah

Dragons v Broncos - The horses will slay the dragons good 'n proper.

Roosters v Knights - Best to miss this dire contest. Roosters.

Cowboys v Sharks - One of the better match-ups on offer. Back the Cowboys at home.

Storm v Rabbitohs - Not many rabbits will survive this storm. Sportfreak predicts a winning margin of over 6000 points, which is perhaps a bit optimistic.

Titans v Raiders - Again, a close one. Titans.

Warriors v Bulldogs - The Warriors won't have their legs humped by this mob. Warriors.

Tigers v Eels - Could be another good one. Eels.


Panthers v Sea Eagles - Sea Eagles

Dragons v Broncos - Broncos

Roosters v Knights - Roosters

Cowboys v Sharks - Cowboys

Storm v Rabbitohs - Storm

Titans v Raiders - Titans

Warriors v Bulldogs - Warriors (picked the Bulldogs but changed my mind because the Warriors have to win some fucking time).

Tigers v Eels - Tigers
Fuck knows why I picked the Warriors. The Bulldogs are a better team.

Anyway, the Warriors are down to 13th and you would have to pick them to lose to the Storm next week and away to the Sharks the week after so they will be last by the end of Week 14 and the knives will start to come out for Cleary.

Unbelievable given a 4 win - 2 loss start to the season. But they didn't see it coming when there were obvious deficiencies and in a professional comp when you are on hundreds of thousands of dollars a year thats unforgiveable.
But what about those Panthers??
More atrocious play in the halves yesterday. I fucking lost it when Witt kicked the ball out on the full for about the 18th time in the last 5 games.

My tipping is falling off too, with last week's invincible Broncos losing to the Dragons of all teams. Will the knives be out in Brisbane too, Yamis?

As for the Panthers, Random, well yes a good win for them, but there is hardly a team I care for less. Actually, I couldn't care less about most of the Sydney teams. But especially the fucking Roosters. It's always good to pick them to lose, especially to the hapless Knights!! Muhahaha, I feel better already.

You were doingso well until you mentioned the Panthers.

Knuckle-draggers that even a Cantab should steer clear of...

Leg Break.
ant team that can stick it to Manly is OK by me
(even the Warriors)
Thanks to the Eels' win, I end up with pass marks, 4/8, on this week's tipping.
4 out of 8 a passmark?

Shouldn't that be "achieved" under the current NCEA regime?
I understand your Panthers comment now Random, and can totally agree.

Shit you speak a lot of sense....

Leg Break.
Sadly one of the urban legends when it comes to NCEA random.

These days 50% won't get you any where near a pass.

Think of it more as 75% needed to pass you just get two goes to get there.

We have students all the time that would have done Ok under the old system but walk away with nothing to show for it.

If you 'fail' you get no credits, if you pass you get 3 or 4 or however many it was worth.
the educator has spoken.

Sorry DC but it's official your picks didn't achieve a passing grade.

I'm glad that's been cleared up.
I suppose the best way top put it is that to get the credits and to get "achieved" you have to show some competency or degree of mastery of a subject/topic. And getting 52% is not particularly competent. We just let the kids have a go, mark them, talk tot he class about common weaknesses and then they go back in and have another go to get their work up to scratch.

Certainly getting 50% in sports picks in a two horse race is a big not achieved. You'd probably be looking at 6 out of 8 for achieved, 7 for merit and 8 for excellence.

I think I am going to have to re-enrol in level one NRL picking again next year the way I'm going.
Y'know I think there's a blog post in this.

NRL meets the NCEA. How to pass on picks.

As it's more your area than mine I'll leave it in your capable hands

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