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Friday, May 25, 2007

Round 11 

Bulldogs - Cowboys - Cowboys
Raiders Dragons Raiders
Manly Storm - Storm
Sharks Roosters - Roosters
Titans Rabbits - Titans
Broncos Knights - Knights
Panthers - Tigers - Tigers
Eels - Warriors - Warriors

Cowboys vs Bulldogs - Cowboys

Raiders vs Dragons - Raiders

Manly vs Storm - the Sea Eagles will survive the storm on this occasion. Welcome to Fort Brookvale.

Sharks vs Roosters - Sharks

Titans vs Rabbitohs - Titans in a close one

Broncos vs Knights - Broncos, please god. They can't afford too many more losses, and none at home!

Black Cats vs Striped Cats - Stripey ones

Eels vs Warriors - make that 4 losses in a row for the warriors I'm afraid. Very afraid.
Cowboys vs Bulldogs - Cowboys
Raiders vs Dragons - Raiders
Manly vs Storm - Sea Eagles
Sharks vs Roosters - Sharks
Titans vs Rabbitohs - Titans
Broncos vs Knights - Broncos
Panthers v Tigers - Tigers
Eels vs Warriors - Eels

the planets seem to align for dc_red and I this week.
Sneaky, snivelly Manly. How fucking lucky were they?

Those fucken Roosters stealing my perfect round from me/us!!! Well assuming the Warriors lose 4 on the trot. If they aren't careful they will be dead last in a month.
We are on fire Yamis.

To date:

Raiders 30 Dragons 6

Cowboys 26 Bulldogs 16*
(* The Warriors at home will beat the Bulldogs next week)

Manly 13 Storm 12

Sharks 12 Roosters 13

Titans 25 Rabbitohs 18

Mighty Brisbane Broncos 71 - Knights Without Armour 6

Black Cats 24 - Stripey Cats 25

Eels ? - Warriors ?

Have there ever been so many games in a round determined by a fieldgoal?
Not many games involving the Warriors seem to be determined by fieldgoals though dc.

Isn't about this stage in the week that randomanity jumps on to tell us how special the Warriors are?

True Leggie, but I care not, having picked 7/8 results this week. If I'd had $10 on each game I'd be pretty well off I'm guessing.

I think Mr Random has been busy updating his own blog of late. It's worth a look btw.

It's getting a bit too easy to bag the poor old Warriors. I actually have some sympathy for them if the truth be told, because deep deep down I'd like to support them. The only problem is I don't think I could deal with the constant disappointment.

Plus I've always been more of a Canterbury Bulls fan anyway
Go the Waitakere rangers

I see from your blog you're based in Wellington.

Shouldn't you therefore be supporting the Storm?
Supporting Wellingtons teams is kind of like supporting the Warriors. Hope springs eternal, yet the reality is like a club to the head. (Ask any Hurricanes supporter)

Also I'm an ex-Cantab' and I still have some residual loyalties

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