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Monday, October 23, 2006

New Zealand Knights 

Well words almost fail me when it comes to describing these guys. They could have registered twice as many wins and draws in their first season and a half in the A-League and people would still describe them as "utter shit" so I'm not really sure what is twice as bad as "utter shit".

Let's put this season into perspective. After nine rounds their equal top goalscorer is a guy called Adam vanDommele who plays for ADELAIDE UNITED!

That's right. A bloke who wasn't even trying to score for us managed to do what about 17 other Knights players have been unable to do for 9 weeks despite supposedly trying to do so.

This team has virtually no New Zealanders in it and the ones they have are well below our best. Instead it is filled with foreigners who are by and large straight up fucking useless.

If we are going to lose how about we chuck out a New Zealand under 19 side and at least we will have up and coming New Zealanders to cheer on and watch lose instead of a bunch of incompetent bastards with confidence issues battle a 2 win, 5 draw, 23 loss record over their history, scoring just 17 goals and conceding 65. Average score of .6 of a goal to 2.2 conceded. That would be a fair reflection, as most sides would be roughly 4 times better than the Knights. It's what you would expect if you took the side that was bottom of the Championship division in England and bumped them into the Premier League.

They talk about having a bit more luck and creating chances and learning to finish them. Well if opposition sides didn't clock off, take them half heartedly, had a bit of luck and finished some sitters themselves we would have lost most games by the 4 to 8 goal margin.

For the sake of New Zealand soccer shift these useless pricks to South Melbourne or Canberra or Woollongong or somewhere and be done with it. Our owner is unwilling to buy the best NZ talent and they have such a bad rep that nobody in NZ wants to play for them, watch them or have anything to do with them.

Or at least rename them "3-Point Knights". Because that's what they are to all the other sides.

well that's what you get for being a soccer fan. Personally I can't stand the game. And you're right, the Knights are the worst possible advertisement for the sport.

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