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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Petrol Prices 

There is a Mobil petrol station on Royal Rd in Massey near where we live which for the past two months has had it's price for regular petrol four cents a litre cheaper than the going rate in NZ.

So at the moment it is 1.399 cents a litre.

Last year the Mobil a few minutes drive from that one on the other side of Massey had it's price at a cent a litre cheaper than that Mobil and all other petrol stations. I put that down to the fact that there is a Challenge Station over the road and they were trying to undercut them. Challenge usually responds by having it's price at .8 of a cent instead of .9.

But four full cents is a big difference and I don't understand how they can afford to go that far under the standard amount unless they really are making a killing. I'm not going to complain as it's the nearest station to my house. but that combined with the 6 cents a litre you can get off using Pak 'n' Save vouchers is a good little bit of petrol price news.

Anybody out there know anything about Mobil's continously undercutting at one particular station though and why it might be happening?

Anybody notice it going on anywhere else?

Up the road in New Lynn all the stations seem to be 1 cent cheaper than the norm. It's almost as if there's a line of demarcation as you cross from Waitakere City to Auckland City.

I use Shell now due to our less-than-imperial test show it gave us better mileage and Flybuys - which sucks - but at least you can tell if they have registered your 'loyalty' on the receipt. Unlike the bastards at BP with the AA rewards who I swear get paid commission on the amount they shaft you. Also, given BP are usually the first to raise the price, they get nothing from me on principal. Even if the others are as bad.

Pity the Mt Albert Pak'N'Save doesn't have gas. It'd go gangbusters and suck business from the BP Mercury Motors rip-off merchants.

Polar Bob
I noticed when filling up at Pak'n'Save petrol today down the bottom of the pump in small writing it said that they were supplied by BP Motors. So I guess BP are making a buck out of it all anyway, though I'd be surprised if they are making much. The PNS stations don't have to pay anybody to work there and would have no overheads whatsoever apart froma bit of maintenance now and then so even with 6 cents off a litre they would get something back plus the loyalty of shoppers, plus people spending extra to get tot he 75 dollar amount plus the new customers.
Rather off topic, but it's around 97c/l in Vancouver. That's $1.31/l in NZD. I guess taxes account for the difference.

Can't say I've noticed great changes on NZ roads since the 6c tax increase last year ... just the usual snail's pace tinkering. Close to 7 years of it at Spaghetti Junction/Grafton.

And the new connection from the end of the North Western up to the Greenhithe Bridge ('to be completed 2007' according to my map) has barely, barely begun.
Was out around Glen Innes today and the three local stations - that I saw - were all $1.379. WTF?

Polar Bob

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