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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Marc Ellis' Book 

Bought this the other day and fuck what a load of wank.

I'm a bit over half way and it's story after story about silly juvenile shit that he and his mates got up to at high school, university, and in rugby teams. The odd story is mildly funny but they don't even get told in an entertaining way and it's page after page of him saying "and then we played such and such a game (ie. a test match or final of something, or a huge clash v a touring side) and won, or lost, oh and then a page devoted to what we did the night after the game.

People know this guy is a character and that he has got up to all sorts of tom foolery but this was an opportunity to talk about your achievements on the sports field and offer a few insights but instead it's a procession of high school pranks with snippets of rugby thrown in.

Oh and Otago University should revoke his degree after he devotes a page to how him and his mates used to cheat and then he goes on to suggest that people thought that he wasn't that smart but he showed them by getting a degree. Well yeah, but maybe try doing it legitimately. You might still be there.

If the second half is any better I'll let y'all know.

Just before I had a look at BIR, I was checking the BBC headlines and got the scare of my life with this headline "All Blacks Call on Ellis". Fuck me were my first thoughts.

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