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Monday, October 02, 2006

New Use for my Decking Timber 

I'm going to have to rip it up and build a fucking ark.

I mean it rains in Auckland but I've never been in rain like this in Auckland. This is what it's like in Korea during Monsoon season.

Auckland has had 72.5mm of rain so far in the first day of October and the monthly average is 94mm. Given that it is pissing down again I wouldn't be surprised if we have already exceeded the monthly average before the end of day 2.

A guy at North Shore golf club reckoned they had 98mm of rain in 24 hours.

It's now coming in as a sideways wall of water.

We will be the house on TV that fell down the bank into our stream. Speaking of which, when does a stream become a river?

I love heavy rain. The monsoon season here was depressingly short. Now comes the long, dry, brass-monkey-cold 5 months of winter.
Shit, is my house still there?
We are lucky it was supposed to rain all night and then piss down this morning before easing to showers.

But we had no overnight rain and only the odd light shower so far this morning.

I wouldn't be surprised if a bit of rain got into your garage dc_red. I've never seen heavy rain that constant for that long in Auckland before. Some parts of Auckland had the monthly average in a matter of hours.

I used to love the Monsoon season in korea as well. Sure beats the barren dryness the rest of the year.
Love the rain. You get to see people scared of getting wet and that can provide some decent amusement.

When I lived in Hari Hari on the West Coast, we had great sunny days but when it rained it was the 'row to the next town' kind.

Polar Bob

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