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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Whinge no# 984 

The TVNZ coverage of the World Cup thus far is shite.

The first round of highlights are on at 3:30 to 4:40 each day. Great if you are a primary school student but absolutely useless if you are'nt. The second round of highlights are on at about 11pm. So basically if you are a normal Joe Blogs who works 8-5 then your'e fucked.

The other shit arse thing is that they are showing fairly brief highlights but do not include a clock or the score so you have no idea whether you are 9 minutes into the first half or 90 seconds into first half stoppage time.

It really is ratshit to put it mildly.

Soon as Friday night rolls round I'll be back to the olds to drink dads beer and watch sky all night.

Amen brother.

Korea were fairly average v Togo who are ranked below New Zealand apparently. But I do remember Lee Chun soo scoring an almost identical free kick goal for Ulsan v Anyang right in front of us (Anyang supporters) a couple of years ago to beat us. The fucking little midget bastard! Funny thing is he has another partner in crime who looks vaguely similar but is about half a foot shorter, muhahahaha. Also a handy WEE player.

You are probably wondering who the f else Korea has of any use? Well Park Ji-sung plays near the front for Manchester United and has done OK this past season while Lee Young-pyo has been a regular starter for Spurs for two seasons and has been very good for them. Aside from that most of the rest play in Korea. Apart from Cha Du-ri who plays for Frankfurt but couldn't even make the squad.

They are an outside chance of beating or drawing with France and probably about a 50/50 prospect v Switzerland. Too close to call really.

From this average working joe who can neither afford sky nor get home by 3pm nor stay up till 11 ... you're dead right. TVNZ are making an appalling half-arsed effort.

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