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Friday, June 09, 2006

Our Politicians Are A Sorry Lot: Guest Blogger, Darth George 

As long-time readers of my column will know, I prefer to cite scripture (or rather, the bits of the Bible that I take to justify my predudices) and miscellaneous moralizers than develop my own arguments. But today I am invigorated by nicotine and wish to offer the following condemnation of our country's hopeless leaders.

To the new Greens co-leader who said something to the effect of: "it it's a choice between more roads, or tax cuts, maybe we'd prefer tax cuts." Wake up, moron, there are two parties that can realistically form a government in New Zealand: National and Labour. The former went into the election promising a shit load of new roads and a shit load of tax cuts. The latter went into the election promising more progress on roads (beefed up in the last budget to "a shit load of new roads") and targetted tax relief in the form of Working for Families. So it's not either or, it's both. Dork.

To Ben & Jerry Brownlee on Radio NZ this morning bemoaning a Treaty claim over indigenous flora and fauna on the basis that "the pastures of this country are economically important." Wake up, fuckwit. The pasture is made up largely of Eurasion grasses. Underneath it are largely introduced worms. Grazing above it are entirely introduced sheep, cattle, and llamas. There's fuck all indigenous about your average paddock. You'd think the deputy leader of the farmers party might know that.

So, what can we say, bring back the cane into schools, disinter Margaret Thatcher, Peter Dunne for Prime Minister, and make my interpretation of the Bible supreme law in this country.

Rant out!



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