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Monday, May 29, 2006

Damn It! 

I'm a bit disappointed I didn't make one of the NZ representative rugby teams this week.

91 players were named for the two All Black squads, the Junior All Blacks and the New Zealand Maori's.

If you take the starting fifteens for each of our Super 14 sides and add them up you get 75 players. Then you would have to add in an average of three reserve players from each franchise and that still leaves one spot available.

I thought that could have been me because seriously is there anybody else left in NZ that hasn't been picked for representative honours in NZ?

Crazy shit!

Oh, and Rueben Thorne pulling out because he wants to recondition himself? Yeah Right. Basically he's said "take your Junior All Black selection and shove it up your butthole".


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