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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Not in my Beaaatchyard! 

Check this...
Housing NZ resurrects development at old air base

1.00pm Tuesday June 6, 2006
More than 3000 houses could be built on a former Auckland air base under a plan resurrected by Housing New Zealand.

The Hobsonville air base sits on the edge of the upper Waitemata Harbour near the Auckland suburb of Greenhithe but has not been used for several years.

Housing New Zealand has now dusted off an old plan to develop the site and build 3000 houses, including 500 state houses, National Radio reported today.

The plan would include stand-alone houses, apartments, shops and schools and the marine development of the water's edge.

The base has a long wartime and military history and was the base of the air force's World War 2 flying boats.

Several historic air force buildings would stay on the site and the wharf would be upgraded for ferry traffic under Housing New Zealand's plan.

However, local National MP John Key said Hobsonville was a pristine piece of land and there was the opportunity to build "something pretty good there."

He said to put state houses on $500,000 sections was "economic vandalism" which had the potential to turn the area into a ghetto.

Hobsonville residents said a large scale development could reduce the value of the area by introducing residents who failed to look after their properties.
It is planned to hold a series of public forums over the next few months.

Greens' housing spokeswoman Sue Bradford said: "There is no reason that state house tenants should not be able to live near the water on prime real estate.

"Why should they be bundled off to the back blocks like 2nd class citizens - out of sight and out of mind?"

Exactly Sue!!!

What's with wankers wanting affordable housing in the most dodgy, crappy, fucked up areas?

If we want to create a bullshit divisive society where we have distinct areas in terms of the colour of peoples skin, the type of job they have and the type of car they drive then whats the point of living in a society at all.

How about all those who worry about what the people in the next street might be doing (or not doing) with their backyard landscaping fuck off to their beach house to live while the rest of us get on with life in the real world.

Shit happens, there are poor people, they work shit jobs, they can't afford a flash car and THEY FUCKING WELL NEED SOMEWHERE TO LIVE JUST LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE!

John Key, you are a cock!. Basically what he is saying is that wherever there are state houses it is a ghetto. I think he might want to watch Boyz in the Hood to establish what a ghetto is firstly.

And secondly he might want to sing along to these words from some song I have had stuck in my head for over a decade... "Don't you know..., that it's true..., that for me..., and for you... the world is a ghetto.".

John Key and residents of Whenuapai. Come on in.

And you could sing these lyrics while your'e on your way...

"It's a beautiful world we live in
A sweet romantic place
Beautiful people everywhere
The way they show they care makes me want to say
It's a beautiful world
Oh what a beautiful world
For you
It's a wonderful time to be here
It's nice to be alive
Wonderful people everywhere
The way they comb their hair makes me want to say
It's a wonderful place
Oh what a wonderful place
For you, for you, for you, for you, for you, for you, not me"


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