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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Yamis a "mincing metrosexual"? 

Darth George is at it again: as self-appointed documenter of the nation's moral decline, today he takes a swipe at the sorry state of its manhood (so to speak). This powerful critique is based - err - solely on the whole "leaving a guy to die on Everest" thing. The trouble with men nowadays, Darth reports, is their lack of moral fibre. In his day, and in Ed Hilary's day, they weren't all about self-gratification, and immorality both hetero- and homo-sexual. They were loyal to God, King, and Kountry, and in short were neither over-paid sports stars nor mincing metrosexuals. They knocked bastards off, and never knocked women up before marriage.

Now what does this mean for our erstwhile contributor, Yamis? Despite being married, and not being well-known for knocking up random women outside of marriage, he has failed to become a professional sports star - although god knows he must be close to call ups in both union and cricket, given his ability to both wield a bat and catch a rugby ball and run with it - and therefore by Darth's "logic" is a "mincing metrosexual".

Who knew?

Finally, I leave you to decide:

What people like Darth fail to realise is that in 20 years time our "Mincing metrosexual" generation will be complaining that those generations who have followed are a disgrace yada yada blah blah.

As somebody in close contact with the next generation (too close at times as the smell can be overbearing) I can honestly say that we will be in equal measure fucked and saved by the stinky wee (and not so wee) blighters that follow.

viva la yoof!

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