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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Fuck off moaners 

Auckland loses power for a day ... it's a national crisis and all the (central) gummint's fault apparently. This would be the same gummint that is harangued for "interfering in the market" in other areas, I would assume. Don't we pay companies for electrical supply?

A new and perhaps not wisely-sited shopping mall generates significant congestion ... it's an Auckland (and therefore national?) crisis and all the (local) gummint's fault apparently. This would be the same local gummint which is harangued for denying consents to large, often unwisely-sited developments under the Resource Management Act? Y'know, the whole "RMA prevents growth and investment" thing?. And is the National Party not chief advocate of the "property rights include the right to develop near major highways" position?

And lastly, all politics aside, NZers need to get a life and a sense of perspective. The lights do go out in other cities from time to time, y'know. Or they temporarily lose [insert essential service here]. Or they get closed by some relatively rare weather event. Anyway, fuck off, moaners. Do you want the gummint to hold your hand when the lights go out for a few hours? Someone call Judith Tizard, I'm cold and afraid in my dark office!

p.s. To the New Zealand Herald: you are not the Official Opposition in this country. Your front page story today was a disgraceful piece of National Party inspired wankery. If I want to read National Party press releases I can do so on Scoop. The likes of Maurice Williamson and Max Bradford couldn't even be trusted to change a lightbulb, as was well-illustrated through 9 long years of National Party misrule in the 1990s.

Russell Brown linked to a news story from 2003? which was on massive power outages in such third world places like New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Ohio, Detroit (OK so Detroit is third world) and several other US cities.

So fuck off Hubbard the world doesn't give a shit about Auckland losing power for a few hours. Anyway my house, workplace and neighbourhood were lit up like a candle all day.

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