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Friday, June 23, 2006

To be Maree or not to be Marie that is the question 

Is the Waitakere police force out of control?

Two years ago, after calling her a drunk slut, they sent a taxi to a girl who desperately needed their help - that decision had fatal consequences for the girl involved.

Then just last month they pepper-spayed a defenceless handcuffed prisoner outside Trusts Stadium in Henderson after the Fight For Life.

My sources say the officer in question was not disciplined whatsoever and is back at work - free to spay again.

After hand-to-hand combat, peppper-spay is next on the OK to use list for police and so the officer was deemed to be using reasonable force on the handcuffed prisoner they say.

Anyone anxious about these cowboys getting tasers? Hell, they might be third on the OK to use list.

My sources, boys in blue themselves, defended the pepper-spraying saying it was justified because not only did the man act like a jerk, feeling up waitresses at the Fight for Life, but because he rubbed faeces all over his cell after he was arrested.

Anyone else find that logic confusing?

The again, as we have seen this week, these guardians of the West Auckland public cannot even fucking spell.

Kylie Maree Wilson, who turned 22 yesterday, was driving to West Auckland when she was stopped by police in a routine traffic operation.
"I thought I was going to be in trouble because one of my indicators was broken," she said.
But after handing police her passport she got worse news and was told there were warrants for her arrest for wilful damage and failing to appear in the Kaitaia District Court.

Turns out the girl the cops actually wanted, spelt her middle name differently, Marie, and is also a Maori from Northland.

That didn't stop Waitakere Kylie being strip-searched by policewomen and denied an impartial witness to the search - "when I refused, one of them [policewomen] dug her fingers into my neck."

"I had a birthday dinner to go to with my family and instead I spent it in a cell screaming and crying."

They also denied her access to her lawyer because they were busy, too busy to do their fucking job and that's pretty sad.

Also sad, is the Rangers fan who smashed a seven-year-old Kiwi kid in Scotland for wearing an English football shirt.

The attacker was described as a man in his early 40s, muscular, 5ft 6in tall, and wore a donkey jacket. He was last seen heading along Clifton Road.
Hugo had been playing with his family in Edinburgh's Inverleith Park on Saturday afternoon when he was punched by a man thought to be aged between 24 and 30.


But, in terms of saddness, this must take the cake.

Russell Brown, the man whose articulate arguments on the meaty issues of the day are analysed and appreciated throughout the country's homes and workplaces most days of the week.....wait for it...... hates dogs.

I don't care that much, because - and I'm sorry if this shocks some people - I don't care about dogs.

You make me sick.

Worse still, he wrote and I selectively quote, that we should start "...putting down homeless humans..."

God knows what he's do if he found this little fulla.

And don't you just love the headline?


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