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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Contradictions from on high 

Contradiction #1 Graham Henry says the media in NZ isn't paying Ireland enough respect.

meanwhile he picks a second rate NZ team to play them.

ummmmmmm....... hello? Who isn't REALLY paying Ireland enough respect? Or for that matter who isnt paying the NZ rugby public enough respect? Eden Park wasn't sold out for that test. I for the life of me cannot recall a test at Eden Park that wasn't sold out. Can anybody enlighten me as to when the last test at Eden Park was that was not sold out? I know of a couple at Jade Stadium that weren't (the last French test there and one v the pringboks both in the last 3-4 years). But Eden Park for christs sake?

Contradiction #2 Cullen says some jouranlists are giving the labour 'tax policy' a hard time because they themselves want a tax cut and people like them and HIM don't need one. But then two weeks later he gets an 8% pay rise and the silence is deafening. He will be getting more from this pay rise than he would be losing from any tax cut.

Where are the journalists with the right fucking questions when you need them?

Meanwhile I was one lucky bastard being able to witness live the Argentinian dismantling of Serbia & Montenegro overnight. The seconf goal featurning 24 passes in the lead up. The final goal only had 17 passes in the lead up. Unfortunately Crespos goal was unfairly awarded as offside. That would have made it 7-0. I also counted one passing move of up around 40 passes in teh second half but unfortunately it petered out. Unbelievable performance. Even if they don't go on to win the world cup I now have a benchmark in my mind for how well the beautiful game can be played. I've seen professional football where 6-10 passes is a great effort.

Have a look at the Ghana vs Czech game. Ghana were impressive.

I am just watching the Italians throw the game away against the Yanks. Up 1 nil, they concede an own goal and then get a player sent off for elbowing one of the US players in the face within the space of 1 minute (it was a real elbow as well, blood was streaming from the US player's face).

The good thing about exams being over now and is wall-to-wall WC coverage on free-to-air TV in Aus. Fuck doing anything else for the next few days.

I am just waiting for the Poms to get close to winning and then for victory to be snatched from them.

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