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Friday, April 28, 2006

Some Old Judge Calls Stoners Stupid 

Stuff reports that Timothy Andrew Murphy appeared in the New Plymouth District Court yesterday, after he was busted selling raffle tickets (at $10 each) for "an ounce of sticky marijuana heads" at his work on April 7. In sentencing said moron to 140 hours community service, Judge Louis Bidois took the opportunity to philosphize a little: "It just proves the stupidity of those who take drugs."

Oh you tiresome woman, it "proves" nothing of the sort. At most, this case shows that Timothy Andrew Murphy - while an entrepreneurial spirit - didn't forsee one or more of his colleagues calling the Police. At best he put too much faith in his colleagues, at worst he is indeed a moron.

Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders prepare for a Friday evening spliff (and millions more prepare for a drink or seven), none of them planning on openly auctioning off illegal substances in their workplaces.

And when the carnage from tonight's drinking is over, I eagerly await the learned judge's ponitification on "the stupidity of those who touch alcohol."

In other news, I always knew the Karangahake Gorge was a fucking deathtrap:

I'm sure the judge went home and enjoyed a few gin and tonics before beating his lovers bottom with a wooden paddle while dressed as a Japanese school girl.

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