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Sunday, April 23, 2006

drunk can'tr harly type 

nrl wheres it at

we have two teams on friday night who we aLL EXPECT A BIG GAME FROM WITH GOOD FOOTBALL, AND THEY DELIVER AND THEY ARE twelth and thirteenth on the table respectively.

imagine expecting the same from the likes of the cheetahs v the sharks muhhahaha.

Also we get second arse fucking third by 50 points. It's tha t kind of unpredicatbuility which will see the NRL building a monumental fan baese which seeas it murdering all other Aussie sports in the next decade sio long as they manage it right I'm drunk merci bocu baby

I love your mum

Who was that arsehole?
I kinda followed his argument until the second paragraph. You shouldn't share your password and username with arseholes like that.
I think he got me drunk in order to get my password.

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