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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Who's got a problem ? 

This kind of grates me a bit. This is Wan Biao's father who has come to NZ following the senseless killing of his son:
"New Zealand is hailed as a paradise in China. How do young innocent students become victims?" he asked through a translator.
Well, there isn't a hell of a lot that the NZ authorities can do to stop Chinese people kidnapping each other is there? Well short of catching them. And by all accounts there has been a massive drop off in reported cases in the last year or so. Kidnapping seems to be an accepted crime in China. I mean what percentage of the population are they and how many instances of it have there been in the last 5 or so years. If the entire population was getting in on the act we would probably make Rio de Janeiro look like Geneva.
Lawyer Raymond Huo, of Brookfields, said the family wanted to know why Wan Biao, a diligent student who had come to New Zealand to study for his future, was murdered.

Mr Huo said they wanted to discuss regulations and controls surrounding language schools.

The family were struggling to understand how students were able to become involved in crime, and wanted to know if there was a better way to monitor their activities.
What like microchipping them? "how are students able to become involved in crime?" umm... greed would be a pretty good bet.

From the Times online: (note the bolding, italicising and question marks are by moi
Killing rocks Asian??? communities
AS news broke of an Asian??? student’s body being found in a floating suitcase, a frenzy of callers hit Chinese talkback radio here and overseas.

Wan Biao’s fate has shocked the community.

With the toss of a suitcase, an unwanted spotlight shone on the Asian??? community during what should have been a quiet Easter weekend.

The body’s dumping in the Waitemata Harbour on Good Friday created a ripple of responses to Pakuranga’s Chinese Radio station.

Managing director Eric Liu says the gruesome crime suggests Asian??? students may need more support while in New Zealand.

“We feel the whole orientation and care system is not sufficient, that’s the network from school to the student and community. They’re missing a lot of links there.”

He says Asians??? were shocked by the discovery and keen to see justice served.

Counties Manukau police Asian??? liaison officer Justin Zeng says the murder received widespread media coverage on Chinese radio and television. “This murder has had far more effect on the Asian??? community than other ones, because this is a student who has been in the country for a few months.”

He fears it has the potential to affect the flow of Asian??? students to New Zealand.

Mr Zeng, who isn’t involved in the Auckland police inquiry, says it’s a reminder how crime and police are viewed in Asian??? communities. The police approach needs to assume cultural understanding, particularly with new immigrants, he says.

“For those who have only been in the country a while, they probably still portray New Zealand police officers as their own – corrupt and cruel,” says Mr Zeng. “So they’re probably more reluctant to report, or have anything to do with the cops.”

He says it’s more important to educate immigrants about the differences in New Zealand law enforcement.

“We have to educate new immigrants New Zealand police are different. We have a very transparent system to supervise our officers.”

He says the overseas illusion this country is completely safe is a myth which should also be dispelled.

“That illusion goes very quickly when [immigrants] arrive. In terms of police and the whole country, we’ve got to advise new immigrants that yes New Zealand is safe, but there is crime,” says Mr Zeng.

Mr Liu says the lack of reporting of crime by Asian??? victims was discussed on talkback during the investigation. However, he doubts it will remind communities to report crime.

“Because this is a major crime, a murder case. There are many times we encounter that with burglaries and small crimes, [police] response time is too long.”

Mr Zeng hopes to counter the perception by outlining police procedure to Asian??? residents. He says many newcomers are unaware of police event priorities, which determine response times.

Police say 19-year-old Wan Biao was killed at an inner city hotel, before his body was folded into a suitcase and dumped from Princes Wharf into Waitemata Harbour. The bag was spotted and held by boaties for police collection a few hundred metres east of the Harbour Bridge on Good Friday morning.

Two 21-year-old males appeared at the Auckland District Court yesterday, one facing a murder charge, the other being an accessory.
Kind of funny asking for more support for Asians coming here. If you spin it round the other way how much support do the Chinese offer to English speakers? I'll shamelessly contradict one of my points here by pointing out that in Korea as a foreeigner if you wanted support you were generally out of luck and we generally had to band together. At least Chinese coming to NZ can find tens of thousands of fellow Chinese, Chinese supermarkets, Chinese restaurants and various other Chinese services.

It seems we are being blamed for immigrant assumptions that our cops are corrupt and useless, which as has been highlighted with the swift capture of the suspects is not exactly the case is it? Well at least when murder is involved. The odd bit of gang banging (so long as the uniform has been discarded... on the floor) is OK.

Note to immigration. Put a huge sign up at the airport as you come through customs saying "We catch Chinese kidnappers with ease".

Oh and ditch the "Asian" headings. It's a Chinese thing.


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