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Friday, April 28, 2006

Another one bites the dust 

Hard-nosed NBR reporter Jock Anderson has been given the flick over the phone by the National Business Review.
Former National Business Review journalist Jock Anderson is crusading against his former workplace via the internet after he was told by telephone that he had been made redundant.
Mr Anderson, who also wrote a weekly law column called Case Load for NBR, said he was told of his redundancy by phone and asked to clear out his desk before 8am or after 5pm the next day.

Don't worry Jock I'm sure market forces will come to your rescue...don't they always?

Seriously though, it's not the first time the NBR has employed such a callous method of disposing of long-term staff.

I know of one person who left the NBR in disgust after seeing colleagues summarily fired in front of an office full of staff.

You've got to ask questions about managment when they feel the need to consistently behave in such a vicious manner -- can't do much for office i next?

Or maybe you don't need to ask questions; perhaps you can just call them fuckwits.

I haven't found Jock's website yet but when I do I'll link to it - should be good for a little shit-stirring.

Jock's website is at
Barry Colman Threatens To Close more at

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